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Lunch Box Ideas



Children bored with eating the same thing everyday?

Bored with trying to please them and give a healthy lunch?

Fed up with food being brought home and wasted?

Here are some hints and tips for a healthy lunch box for less waste


  • Allow children to shop and prepare lunches with you.  This means you will know what they want and it won't be wasted.
  • Tell your children some simple nutrition facts, such as yoghurts help your bones grow strong and carrots will help you see in the dark.  This will help them to understand why they need to eat them.
  • Encourage your child to drink plain water and avoid sweetened or soft drinks.  On average, one child eats four pounds of sugar per week.
  • Dip cut apples in cinnamon or lemon juice to stop them going brown.
  • Let your children choose some new vegetables to try, such as snow peas, mange tout etc.  It all adds up.
  • Remember to pack a spoon for yoghurts etc.  Wrap sandwiches in a bag, foil or cling film to keep them fresh.
  • Put in a piece of kitchen roll to wipe sticky fingers.
  • Label lunch boxes as there is always someone with the same box.
  • Keep lunch cool in summer by using ice packs.
  • To save time, make lunch the night before and store in the fridge. This saves the last minute morning panic.


Always use low fat, low salt and low sugar varieties

when buying for lunch boxes


Luchbox Item

A Sandwich or

Starchy Salad

2 Fruit & Veg

Yoghurt or Cheese



You could include

Bread, roll, wrap,

pita bread, bagel,

potatoes, rice,

pasta, couscous,

chapatti, tortillas,

pancakes, scones,

crisp breads with

lean ham, chicken, beef, egg, tuna, salmon, cheese, humous, beans, lenitls. 


Add plenty of fruit, veg and salad.


Vegetarian alternatives

Apple, orange, grapes,

melon, raisins, plum,

kiwi, pear, mango,

sliced carrot or cucumber

sticks, cherry tomatoes,

pot of fruit, fruit salad, fruit jelly with real fruit, dates

Yoghurt, fromage frais, cheese sticks, cottage cheese, greek yoghurt, plain yoghurt, raits for dipping

Milk, water, fruit juice, milk based smoothies, fresh fruit smoothies.


Well diluted high juice squash


NO fizzy drinks


Milky drinks will need an ice pack in the summer

Extra fruit, low fat

and low salt crisps,

tea cakes, malt load,

custard pot, rice

pudding, fruit muffins,

oat flapjack, baked

samosa, dried fruit,

seeds, pizza slice,

sausage roll,

cheese roll, pakoras, spring roll, slice of quiche, scotch eggs, falafels, unsalted

pop corn

This provides

Starchy carbs for energy


Protein for growth

Fibre, vitamins & minerals for health & well being


2 of their 5 a day

Calcium for strong bones


Vitamins & minerals for general good health

Fluid to maintain body hydration

Variety and appeal


These are treats & can be added from time to time