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Parent Questionnaire Autumn 2023

Parents and carers are such an important part of our community that it was really helpful to have their honest views about the school 

“We think Haydon Abbey is an amazing school with amazing teachers/staff”


“Haydon Abbey is a wonderful school. The teachers are amazing and are always approachable and understanding to concerns. They are always open to help in any way they can to resolve issues or support my child. The teaching itself is at its best and I think can be underestimated at times exactly how extraordinary the teachers here are. The teachers my child has had over the years are always willing to go the extra mile. I always know what my child will be learning over the course of the year. There is a great sense of community in the school that I have always felt a part of.”


“The school is great with lots of support.
The teachers are amazing. My 2 sons have made brilliant progress in education.”


“Haydon Abbey is a fantastic school, made great by all involved & the strong leadership team that drives it forward.”


“My children always come out of school happy. At parent consultation the teacher seems to know my child well and updates fully on how they are doing. They keep us updated and let us know what they have been doing via seesaw which is lovely to see. I have no concerns.  All staff are approachable and polite and easy to talk to. Very happy and I feel at ease knowing they are looked after and supported”


“Can't fault Haydon Abbey, they give my child the best support and staff and very friendly and helpful.”


“I have always felt that the school is really good with my children. I feel completely at ease leaving them there and trust in what they are educating them.”


“Since our child has started at Haydon Abbey every interaction we have had with the staff has been extremely positive and our child has responded very well to the school environment. They attend breakfast club, which I think is an amazing service that the school offers and we are hugely appreciative of it.”


“Overall the school has met my expectations and it has been a pleasure to see our child flourish in the setting. It's clear the staff all work extremely hard and care about the students.”