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Year 3

Year 3 Spring Term Homework Grid - Till Feb Half Term

Family Challenge

History and Geography


In History, we will be exploring the Tudor family tree.


Can you create your own family tree? It would be lovely for you to research your family together and explore how family trees are put together. Please note that we do not expect both sides of the family if a family tree for one side is preferable.


Can you find your family crest online? Or perhaps have a go at designing your own that best represents your family and its name?

Life in Tudor England certainly had its moments! Can you write a fact file about an aspect of Tudor life that interests you? Can you include the oddest or most gruesome facts?


Some Tudor food for thought for you: crime and punishment, entertainment, childhood and education, food. You could compare these aspects of life for both rich Tudors and those not so well off.

In English, we will be looking at and writing our own newspaper articles.


The Tower of London wasn’t built for the purpose of a prison but was primarily a palace. During the time of the War of the Roses and the Tudor dynasty, the Tower held some of the most famous prisoners in the world. Can you research one and create a newspaper report about why they have been imprisoned? What was their crime? How long was their stay at the Tower? Were they punished? Were they released or was the Tower their final home?




In Art, we will be looking at Tudor portraits. There are no portraits of the Tudor royal family that would have been painted together, however, some artists have imagined what the image may have looked like.

Can you sketch or paint a portrait of your family? How would you all stand? Would you smile or pose seriously? What outfit would you want people to remember you wearing?

Here is a portrait of Henry and his children:

Telling the time is always an area of maths that children find tricky.


It is essential that children recognise the importance of being able to tell the time and see it more than just a maths topic at school.


In Year 3 we have covered telling the time on both an analogue and digital clocks and have taught children the 5 minute intervals that each number represents.  Can you challenge yourself to tell you the time whenever you see one of these clocks? Can you explain how tyou know that?

Throughout the half term, we will be exploring the topic of ‘Light’.


How many different light sources can you spot around your home? What would you do if you had a power cut at night time? Do you have any sources of light at home that don’t rely on electricity?