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Year 3

Year 3 Homework Grid Spring 1 Term 2021

Family Challenge



In History, we will be exploring the Tudor family tree.


Can you create your own family tree? It would be lovely for you to research your family together and explore how family trees are put together. Please note that we do not expect both sides of the family if a family tree for one side is preferable. You can include photos or drawings of family members and even the year that they were born and married. We would love to see these being uploaded to See-Saw. Perhaps you could upload a video of yourself talking through it?


The Royals have always had a crest that represents their families. The Tudors, as you will learn, was made up of a red rose and a white rose. This was to signify the joining of two great royal families. Can you find your family crest online? Some surnames that have originated from Britain will have these already made. What symbols can you see on your crest? Why do you think they are there? If you can’t find one for your family, you can have a go at designing your own that best represents your family and its name.

Where would we be without inventors?


Do you know of any inventors? Can you remember any that you were taught about in Year 2?


See Newsround / 55233765 link below grid


How have these inventors changed the course of history and the lives that we lead today?


If you could invent anything, what would it be and why? We would love to see your invention ideas! Remember to explain its purpose and why the world needs it!


See BBC Neswround /52545187 link below grid



Have you read any new books recently? Did you enjoy it?


Can you write a review of either the new book or perhaps a book that you’ve read ten times?!


Remember to include the author’s name, a little bit of detail on the storyline, who the book appeals to and whether you’d recommend it or not!


Not all book reviews need to be positive. Sometimes we read books that just don’t excite us and that’s ok. We all have our own opinions!


We would love to have a copy of these to display in our book corner!







Can you choose a famous artist and re-create a piece of their work?


You should let us know who the artist is and why you have chosen them and that particular piece of art!


Some artist ideas for you:


Van Gogh, Picasso, Bansky, Andy Warhol


What different methods have these artists use?


How many segments are in an orange investigation –


1. Take an orange and peel it or ask someone to peel it for you. 2. Cut it in half so that you can see the segments.

3. Count how many segments you can see. (Then you can either eat the orange, or squeeze it to drink the juice!)

4. Write down the number of segments there would be in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 oranges. What can you use to help you to work this out?

5. How many segments in 100 oranges and in 1000 oranges?


Try this with another orange – are the number of segments the same?


Does it make a difference depending on the size of the orange?


Perhaps you could set up your own investigation with different foods e.g. pips in apples or leaves on a tomato. Or even something other than food. You can choose! Make sure that you apply the same rules though.

We aren’t covering Geography at school this term, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still learn about it!


Travel across the world has been mostly cancelled this year. When it opens up again and planes are allowed to fly everywhere, where would you most like to visit?


Can you research somewhere that you would like to go and explain why?


Where is your holiday destination? Which country and continent is it in? What famous physical and human features would you find there? What is the weather like? What currency is used there?


Write a little holiday guide to this place and bring it in to convince us to visit as well! Hopefully we’ll get there one day soon!