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Year 3

Year 3 Homework Grid - Spring 1 2022

Family Challenge

History and Geography


In History and Geography, we are learning about the Tudor family tree. So, why not learn about your family and heritage? As a family, can you make a family tree dating as far back as you can and include dates within it?

Can you include your great-great-grandparents within it?


Please encourage your child to share their new-found knowledge with their classes. Any physical work that you do will also be gladly accepted via Seesaw! Please remember not to bring work into school due to COVID.

Its Tudor time! In History and Geography, we are learning about the infamous Henry VIII and his 6 wives!

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived!!

We use this rhyme to help us to remember his wives and the order that they were married to him.

At home, can you create your own rhyme, song or poem that helps you to remember the order in which Henry VIII’s wives reigned. Try to include as much detail about them as you can. How long was he married to them for? Did they have any children?

One word (like the one above) will not be enough!

In English, we have been learning all about newspaper articles. We have written newspaper articles all about the story of The Prince and The Pauper.

Can you write a newspaper article about an event that has happened recently? You could write about something that has happened within the wider world, or add a personal spin onto your article and write about something that has happened to you?


Remember, you are the journalist and you are reporting on the event that has already happened. Can you include witness events and using direct speech to quote their statement?




As we are in KS2 now, we need to try and up-level our art skills. Can you create a perspective line drawing of a row of Tudor houses?

Perspective is when you see something that looks like real life, almost 3D. It makes the picture look both up close and far away.

Use this video to help you to draw a row of Tudor houses using perspective. You may need to research what a Tudor house looks like first!

Perspective in drawing and painting - KS2 Art and Design - BBC Bitesize

In Science, we have been learning about light. We know that darkness is caused by the absence of light and we know that different objects stop light from getting through them.

Can you create a puppet show at home demonstrating the blocking of light using different objects? You could use some objects that let no light through (opaque) and some that let a little light through (translucent). Remember to record your creations and upload the video to SEESAW. We would love to see them!


Let’s look at the time. Roman numerals were not only used a lot in the olden times, but are also used a lot today (we have seen them within clocks!). We can see how roman numerals were used within our history and geography lessons (Henry VIII, Richard III etc).

Can you write the numbers from 1-12 in roman numerals? Could you draw a clock and use roman numerals to label the times?

Roman numerals - KS2 - Maths - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize