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Year 3

Homework Grid - Autumn 1 Term 2021


Family Challenge

History and Geography


It is time to start boosting our geographical general knowledge. Understanding the concept of small villages to vast continents is hard for children and even harder to remember where in the world certain places are!


It would be wonderful if you could have regular chats about countries with your child. Why not research the capital cities of various countries around the world? Or look closer to home and research the main cities of the UK.


This is a great video, with a very catchy song(!), naming all of the countries in the world -


Please encourage your child to share their new-found knowledge with their classes. Any physical work that you do will also be gladly accepted via Seesaw! Please remember not to bring work into school.

Archaeologists have been able to find out so much about how the Ancient Greeks lived because of their incredible pottery that has survived for thousands of years. The Greeks would paint images of what life was like on the side of these pots, for example, climbing olive trees to shake down the olives to eat and trade.


Imagine that archaeologists 3,000 years from now excavate Aylesbury. What essential information would they need know about life in 2021? Can you design a plate/pot that depicts an image of what life is like today? Can you photograph your creation and upload it to Seesaw for us all to see?

In English, we have been learning all about Greek Myths. Have you read them all? Perhaps you could research a famous Greek Myth. You could even write your own based on your chosen Greek God or Goddess.


Could you even design it in the style of a book? Make sure you have a front and back cover. You may even need a blurb!    




The Tate Childrens website is a great website for your child to explore artists and get inspiration for works of art


As we looked at weaving in our English lessons this half term, the children could have a go at creating a tapestry worthy of Arachne and Athena!

Throughout the half term, we will be exploring Animals including humans.


Can you find out the names on your bones in your body?

Do you know how they help us?

What are they used for?


Perhaps you could use some sticks to re-create a human skeleton including the different body part!



Research shows that children start to be aware of money from three years old. ‘By the age of seven, most children have already formed basic money habits like understanding the value of money and the concepts of earning and saving, although they’re only just beginning to grasp the difference between necessity and luxury,’ says Kirsty Bowman-Vaughan of the Money Advice Service.

Although your child will learn some money skills at school, most of their financial education will come from you. Your child could help you compile a shopping list, which shows them how to prioritise what is needed and avoid overspending. This is a great idea with Christmas around the corner. They can help you to budget for gifts, ensuring that they factor in wrapping paper and sticky tape. In the shop, they can become aware of comparing prices, choosing items which are the best value and deciding how much money to spend.

If you child is lucky enough to receive pocket money, can they work on saving to buy something that they would like. This will give them an understanding of saving. We would love to see any shopping budgets you create together on Seesaw!