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Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School

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Welcome to Pre-School


The Pre-School classes are based in modern, extremely well-resourced premises on Holman Street and are managed by the main school. Although a short distance from the main school the Pre-School classes are very much a part of the whole school community and mirror the ethos and high expectations of Haydon Abbey.


Admission criteria for Pre-School - children in receipt of 2 year old funding, the term following their second birthday, or if they don’t qualify for the 2 year old funding, the term following a child’s third birthday.


Some 3 year old children are eligible for the 30 hour Extended funding.  We now offer a limited number of places for children entitled to the Extended 30 hours funding.  For further details please read our Admissions Policy for Pre-School which can be found on the link below:


We only offer five morning sessions or five afternoon sessions.  The session times are as follows:


Mornings:       8:45 am  - 11:45 pm

Afternoons:  12:30 pm  -   3:30 pm


In order to establish if you are eligible for the two year old funding please use the following link:


To establish if you are eligible for the Extended 30 hours funding please use the following link:


The children learn through structured play, investigation and exploration following the Early Years Curriculum set by the DfE. They are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities.


In Pre-school the children are encouraged to explore the very large, and well equipped, indoor and outdoor areas of the setting and take part in small group activities. We call this ‘Busy Bee Time.’ All members of staff will work closely with and, play and learn, alongside all the children. Throughout the session we provide a “rolling snack” for the children, where we encourage them to prepare their own snacks and drinks.  We provide water, milk, toast, raisins and a variety of fruit.


Home Links

In Pre-school our topics change frequently due to the children’s interests. Each week you will receive a ‘Home Links’ sheet. This will give you information about our topic and some ideas to try at home with your child, as we feel parent, carer and teacher relationships are valuable to our children’s learning.


Learning Journeys

As you may have noticed each child has their own section of display to celebrate their achievements within Pre-school.  On this display there is also a folder for each child. This is where we keep the work, photos and activities the children have been doing. You are welcome to look in their folders when you bring the children into Pre-school at the beginning of the session. You’re welcome to bring in things from home for us to add to their board,  Perhaps a drawing they have done or a photograph of them doing something at the weekend. The contents of their folders are then added to each child’s individual Learning Journey which is sent home at the end of the academic year.


Wow Cards

We encourage the parents to share their children’s achievements from home with school. We do this by sending home Wow Cards for you to fill out of your child’s ‘wow’ moments. This could be anything from making something special to playing with their siblings.


Sunflower Value

As part of the whole school we focus on one school value a term; we encourage the children to show this value through their everyday play. When the children are seen showing the value they receive a petal to go on our Pre-school Sunflowers and they have a certificate to take home. When your child brings home their certificate please encourage them to tell you why they have received it.



At Haydon Abbey we operate a password system for the safety of our pupils. If someone other than the usual person is coming to collect your child you must give them your child’s password. It is also extremely important that you inform Pre-school if anyone else is due to collect your child. If an unfamiliar adult comes to collect your child we will request the password and if the adult cannot provide the password we will not allow them to take your child from Pre-school.


If you have any questions, please ask a member of staff.  


Should you like to visit the Pre-School site, please contact the school to arrange an appointment - 01296 482 278.


If you would like to apply for a place in Pre-School please complete the application form. Click here.