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Our Topic this week will be

Everybody’s Different.

Week beginning: 13.9.21

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...



In Literacy, we will be looking at books about ourselves – Everyone’s Different and All Kinds of People.  We will be asking the children to look at themselves an describe their features – for example curly hair, brown eyes. At home you could compare your hair colours – do you have the same hair colour or different? Do you have the same colour eyes? We shall also be talking about our families – please send in photos via tapestry of your child’s family (these will be used for circle time).


In maths we shall be reciting our numbers in songs and games. At home you could encourage your child to recite their numbers when climbing the stairs or waiting for the bath to fill with water. You could count how many steps it is to walk along the path to school. We shall also be looking at numbers to 10.

Expressive Arts and Design

Understanding the World

As we shall be learning all about ourselves we shall be looking at the colour of our hair and eyes. Who in your family has brown hair or blonde hair? Black hair or auburn hair? What colour eyes does everyone have? Are they the same or different?   Maybe your child could do a family portrait of all the people in your family to bring in and show us. Maybe they could draw a picture of their house, bedroom or favourite toy.


Please make sure all clothes are named.

If your child is prone to accidents, please make sure they have a spare set of clothes in school.

Children are only permitted to have water in school and they do not need to bring a snack.  Healthy snack is provided during the morning and afternoon.


Please use your Tapestry accounts to receive work/watch videos from teachers/staff and to upload your photo's/work from home.

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