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Year 1

Year 1

Summer Term 2022 Homework Grid


Our science topic this term is ‘Plants’. Explore your local area and see if you can identify any of the common plants found in the UK. The children can identify Evergreen and Deciduous trees, and common UK plants.


We are really focusing on building a love of reading this term and would love for you to join us. We are also having a big push on phonics this term. The children have been given some words that we read within our phonics lesson! There are lots of games that the children can play to practise.


Summer term in P.E the children will use all the skills from previous terms and use them in team sports! Send in some pictures of any sports/games that the children play, we would love to see them!


Children can practise recognising and counting numbers to 20, Writing numbers to 20, number bonds to 10, and counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s. There are some links attached to support this! Enjoy finding maths in the environment too!


Our topic this term is ‘Under The Sea’. The children will learn about the 5 Oceans and discover more about the animals that lay below. We will also be looking at UK landmarks/features and comparing them to places in Europe. The children could read some cool books about different countries and create a poster!


This term we will be focusing on resilience and relationships. The children will be given tools to help build their growth mindset. They will also be talking about people who are important to them. A great way to meet both these topics is playing board games with friends and family.

Family Challenge

Water is incredibly important for our bodies and the children need to learn why. Can you track your water intake and make a fun challenge for yourselves?




Continents song:

Oxford Reading Owl: