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Year 1

                  Year 1 Homework Grid To Be Completed During Lockdown 2020

Art/DT Family Challenge



Your family challenge is to create a landscape piece of art of a place you would like to go and explore, like the moon or a rainforest!


This could be a collage, painting or drawing.



Our History topic is ‘Intrepid Explorers’. We will be finding out all about some famous explorers and the places they travelled to. 


Can you write a diary entry that a famous explore could have written?


In our English lessons we will be writing instructions.


Can you write some instructions at home? (These could be for making a cake, a sandwich etc.)







The school value we are focusing on this Half Term is well-being.


Can you make a poster about what this means?




In maths this Half Term we are going to be focusing on measure.


Can you use a ruler to measure the length of five objects? Can you order these from shortest to longest?


You could bring in a picture of this to share with your class!


This Half Term we will be learning all about the five senses.


Can you make a poster all about the five senses?