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Year 6

Year 6 Homework Grid - Spring 1 Term 2022



Research hieroglyphics then write your name in a cartouche and write a secret message for someone to decipher.


Take a virtual tour and look at ancient Egyptian artefacts at the British Museum.

Then choose an artefact to draw and label one. Write a few sentences about what you have learnt about the ancient Egyptians from studying the artefact.





Research the instruments that were played in ancient Egyptian times.



Make an ancient Egyptian musical instrument using recycled materials.





Research an area of interest to you about the ancient Egyptians. Create a poster or fact file about what you have learned.



Explore a timeline of artefacts in the British Museum:

Take a virtual tour. Scroll down the page and click on ‘Virtual Tour’ using the link below (You can visit the ancient Egyptian galleries):



Draw a map of ancient Egypt.


Explain why the river Nile was so important to the ancient Egyptians.


Create a poster about climate change and what we can do to help.


Visit National Geographic to find out some interesting facts about environmental wildlife of North Africa:





Write a biography on an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.



Write a poem or a story inspired by what you have learnt about ancient Egypt.







Research the circulatory system. Explain why it is important.



Research personal hygiene practices in ancient Egypt and compare them to todays.




Read for at least fifteen minutes every day.


Read a non-fiction text, such as a newspaper, a play or a factual book.  


Read a news article with your family and discuss it.


Listen to a free story on Audible:




Try a new form of exercise that is different to your usual preference

 e.g. dance, gymnastics, skipping, aerobics, circuits, walking, jogging etc…


Try a Cosmic Kids Yoga session:


Go on a walk and look for the colours of the rainbow.


Create a new game that we could play as a class. Remember to think about the rules, the equipment needed and how the winners will be decided.



Research the ancient Egyptian number system. Write some number sentences using the ancient Egyptian number system. Compare how it is the same/different to the number system that we use now.


Practice your maths on Prodigy.


Log on to TT Rockstars and practice your times tables. Challenge a friend on-line.


Learn how to play chess: