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Reading at Haydon Abbey

Reading at Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School

At Haydon Abbey we are committed to ensuring that every child in our school is taught the skills they need to be confident and expressive readers. Alongside this, we aim to foster a love of reading which sees all children share in the joy and wonder of stories and books.


To achieve these aims, reading is prioritised in our curriculum and reading skills are taught each day through Whole Class Reading sessions and supplementary daily Phonics (KS1) and Reading Plus (KS2) sessions.


We have made a notable investment in our school and class libraries to ensure all children have access to high-quality and engaging texts. Across the school, adults read to children every day to expose them to stories that we know will capture their imaginations, but which they may not otherwise have discovered.


Please click on the sunflower below for more information on how reading is taught at Haydon Abbey and additional resources, so that you are able to support your children at home.