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Year 6

Introducing the Year 6 Team



  • Mrs Bradley - Class Teacher
  • Miss Ward - LSA
  • Ms Matozza - LSA



  • Mr Jones - Class Teacher
  • Mrs Naughton - LSA  
  • Mrs Winter - Senior LSA & Cover Coordinator


This term our Year 6 History and Geography topic is ‘World War II.’ During this topic, the children will be learning when the war took place in history, all about the outbreak of World War II and why it started. As well as this, the children will expand their knowledge of what life was like as an evacuee during the war and the role that women and animals played during this time.  We have also planned a school trip to Beaumanor on the 12th of October 2021 to bring this topic to life for the children.


The children will also learn about this topic through their other subjects including English, Art, Design and Technology and Science.


Across the year in our writing, we will be spending four weeks on particular text types to really build our confidence with them. All writing has a purpose and we will be looking at ‘Writing to Entertain’ and ‘Writing to Inform’. In Maths, the children will start the term by looking at number and place value before revisiting the four main operations and their various methods. We will also be continuing our ‘Multiplication Marathons’. Each week the children will bring home a new set of multiplication and division questions to learn for their weekly ‘mile’ test. Children have three minutes to answer their questions and have to achieve full marks to be able to move on to the next mile! These weekly tests will support your child’s multiplication knowledge and general mental maths. Year 6 children are expected to know all their multiplications up to 12 x 12.



The children are expected to read every day and they will also be given a spelling rule to learn each week. Reading each day does not have to mean finishing an entire book; a few pages will do. In addition a homework grid will be available on the school website.



Year 6 will have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays.


The children need to wear their correct Haydon Abbey School PE kit to school on these days.


Monday’s lessons will take place outside so please ensure that your child wears the appropriate clothing to school on these days.


As the weather becomes colder the children need to wear warmer clothes for PE outside. This should be a pair of trainers, a light blue PE t-shirt, black or navy tracksuit bottoms and a black or navy jumper.


If there is anything else you would like to discuss with your child’s class teacher please contact the school office.


To help you to keep informed throughout the year, this and further newsletters will be uploaded to the school website:



At the start of the Summer Term, the children in Year 6 will be taking their statutory attainment tests (SATs). Throughout the year, we will be developing the children’s subject knowledge in order to ensure that they achieve to the best of their abilities.


The key stage 2 tests are timetabled from Monday 9 May to Thursday 12 May 2022. They will consist of:


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test (45 minutes) and Spelling (20 minutes)

Reading Test (60 minutes)

Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic (30 minutes), Maths Paper 2: Reasoning (40 minutes)

Maths Paper 3: Reasoning (40 minutes)


All of the staff in Year 6 are looking forward to working with you and your children over the next year.


Mrs Bradley & Mr Jones

Year 6 Teachers