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Year 1

Introducing the Year 1 Team:



  •  Mrs Thompson – Class Teacher
  • Mrs Nallasamy – LSA
  • Mrs Rolfe – 1:1 LSA


  • Mr Kirk – Class Teacher
  • Miss Adams – LSA


  •  Ms Davies – Class Teacher
  • Mrs Pawelczyk – Acting LSA
  • Mrs Mackey – 1:1 LSA


Year 1 is a huge stepping stone for the children, as it is where they start to transition into a more structured time table compared to continuous provision in Reception. In order to support this transition, we will continue to provide children with a good balance of practical, outdoor and investigative play opportunities, in addition to the more formal table-based lessons.


This term, our Year 1 History and Geography topic is ‘A Toy Story’. During this topic the children will be learning all the history of toys. In order to get a firm grasp on the concept of ‘the past’, the children will be exploring the toys that they play with today and then working back through the generations to see how they have evolved over time. The children will have the opportunity to see and handle toys from the past also, when an historical toy expert comes to visit. More details of this experience to follow.


The children will also learn about this topic through their other subjects including English, Art, Design and Technology and Science.


Across the year in our English lessons, we will be building on our writing skills from letter formation to sentence writing and beyond. We always link our English work to a high-quality text, in order to engage and enthuse the children through both reading and writing.  In Maths, the children will start the term by looking at number before revisiting the four main operations and their various calculation methods. Our lessons will include both written and practical work, as we know that many children learn best with concrete objects. We will also take our lessons into the outdoor environment where possible.



At Haydon Abbey, we put a huge emphasis on the importance of reading and also the enjoyment that can be derived from it. We therefore expect children to be read with daily at home as part of their development.  Reading each day does not have to mean finishing an entire book; a few pages will do. Little and often is often a more appealing option for young children. Please remember to log in your child’s school diary if you need to keep the book or get a new one, as this will be checked daily by our class LSAs. You will also be able to find a homework grid on our website, which outlines six homework suggestions, in line with what we are learning about at school. The homework is optional; however is a great way for you to get involved in your child’s learning and to complete them together, as a family. The homework will be celebrated in a class show and tell session and may even make it onto our classroom displays! We would also love to see photos of you completing your efforts; these photos can be emailed into the school office.


Please make sure your child has their reading record and book in school every day.



Year 1 will have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The children should come into school in their PE uniforms on their PE days. The PE uniform is a Haydon Abbey PE t-shirt, a Haydon Abbey PE jumper and plain navy joggers or shorts in the summer. Please ensure that this is labelled with your child’s name.


The children will have one PE lesson with their class teacher and the other lesson with Mr Andrews, our PE teacher. Due to the building work at school, most of the PE sessions will take place outside, so please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing in school at all times.


If there is anything else you would like to discuss with your child’s class teacher they will be happy to arrange a phone call with you.


To help you to keep informed throughout the year, this and further newsletters will be uploaded to the school website. If however you struggle to access information online then please do let us know. A small amount of paper letters will be available from the school office.


All of the staff in Year 1 are looking forward to working with you and your children over the next year.


Mrs K Thompson

Reception & Year 1 Phase Leader