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Year 1

Introducing the Year 1 Team:


1FD   -   Miss Doyle – Class Teacher, Mrs Rossiter (Training Teacher), Miss Adams - LSA, Miss Wood 1:1 LSA

1JK   -    Mr Kirk – Class Teacher, Mrs Bland – LSA


This term our Year 1 history topic is ‘A Toy Story. The children will start this topic by looking at their own toys from home and thinking about their favourite toys. We will also be investigating toys from the past and the children will have some opportunities to look at and play with some toys from the past. We will also be comparing toys and thinking about how they have changed over time. At the end of the topic the children will also be thinking about how toys may continue to change and what toys could look like in the Future.


The children will also learn about this topic through their other subjects including English, Art, Design and Technology and Science.


Across the year in our writing, we will be spending four weeks on particular text types to really build our confidence with them. All writing has a purpose and we will be looking at ‘Writing to Entertain’ and ‘Writing to Inform’. In Maths, the children will start the term by looking at number before moving onto addition and subtraction.


At the start of the Term the children will be completing a variety of Maths and English activities in small groups, with lots of practical activities and opportunities for play. These activities will provide lots of opportunities for the children to learn and consolidate new skills being taught within the lessons.



The children are expected to read every day - this does not have to mean finishing an entire book; a few pages will do.

You will also be able to find a homework grid on our website, which outlines six homework suggestions, in line with what we are learning about at school. The homework is optional; however, is a great way for you to get involved in your child’s learning and to complete them together, as a family. We would also love to see photos of you completing your efforts; these photos can be emailed into the school office.


The children’s home school diary will stay in school under the current restrictions and we will complete when they read books within class time.



Year 1 will have PE on Monday and Friday. Please send the children to school on both these days in their PE kits.


The children need to have a named Haydon Abbey PE T-shirt and black shorts for inside. As the weather becomes colder the children need to bring in warmer clothes for PE outside. They need to have a pair of trainers in school and they can bring in black or navy tracksuit bottoms and a black or navy jumper. Please remember to give your child an extra pair of socks if they are wearing tights that day.


Most of these lessons will take place outside due to the Covid restrictions so please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing in school at all times.


Miss Doyle

Reception & Year 1 Phase Leader