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Year 4

Year 4 Spring 1 Term 2021 Homework Grid

DT / Art


Research and then create your own Roman shield. You could draw, paint or even create a collage.


Why did the Romans have shields? What is it important to include on your shield?



Create a poster to tell me all about you.


What makes you special? How are you different from other people?



Make up your own song about something you have learned in Year 4.


What lyrics will you include?

What rhythm does your song follow?

Can you add instruments?




Research a Roman Emperor of your choice.


Who are they? Why were they important to the Romans?

What were their successes or failures?  



Read through the website and draw a mind map about all the facts you have learn about Judaism.







Have a go at one of Joe Wicks’ workouts.


You’ll need to go on Youtube