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Year 4

Art /DT


Create a collage of a scene you might find in the Amazon jungle. Try to only use recycled items. Perhaps you could create use food packaging waste. Or maybe build a jungle den in the garden/woods using the materials you find around you…




Research the terrible fires that have been raging in the Amazon jungle recently. Could you create a presentation about the issue and share your ideas on how we could solve the problems or reduce the impacts?




Could you write a diary entry from the perspective of an Amazon explorer? Where have you been? What have you seen?

How many of the following could you use:

- The power of 3

- Alliteration

- Simile



Teach somebody else in your home how to greet a person in French, how to ask somebody’s name and tell them yours, and finally, how old you are and where you live.




Create a place value game, involving thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Perhaps you have to try to make the biggest number using digit cards? Or perhaps you have to tell a partner the value of each digit and they have to guess your number…



Could you research an Amazonian creature and make a fact file about it. Include information about:

  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Classification (bird, mammal, reptile etc.)
  • And any other interesting facts



EXTRA CHALLENGE – Be a hero! – complete a random act of kindness –

Continue using Prodigy and Times table Rock Stars

Read every day!