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Year 4

                   Year 4 Homework Grid - Spring 1 Term 2022

DT / Art


Create a Roman shield from household items such as cardboard.

What colours could you use?

What Roman inspired symbols could you include?




Can you write the Roman numerals from 1 to 20.


Could you design a clock using the Roman numerals?




Rewrite Goldilocks and the Three Bears but make it your own…

Could you change the characters?

Could you change where it is set?




Research a Roman emperor. Write a diary entry from their perspective and talk about their life.

When were they born? What did they achieve in their life?




Read through the website and draw a mind map about all the facts you have learnt about Judaism.




Create a biological key for your own made up creatures. How could you classify them into different groups? Remember, each question must be able to be answered with a yes or no.