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Year 4

                   Year 4 Homework Grid - Autumn 1 Term 2021

DT / Art

Create a landscape image which includes a river or mountain. You could draw, paint or even create a collage.

What is in the foreground of your picture?

What is in the background of your picture?



Use a dice to create 6 digit numbers. Tell me the value of each digit. What smallest and largest number you can make with the digits?



Imagine you are Ruby and write a diary detailing your journey to the hotel.

What have you seen?

Who have you met?

How do you feel?



Research a river or mountain of your choice.

Where is the river/mountain? What are its key features?

How is it used by people?  


Read through the website and draw a mind map about all the facts you have learn about Hinduism.




Marie Curie is a significant scientist in the field of ‘States of Matter’.

Do some research and find out why!

Then present your i information as a poster with as many facts about her and her discovery as you can find!                      - Hinduism