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Year 5

This term Year 5 will be learning about crime and punishment throughout history. Below are some suggested activities which will support their in class learning.

DT / Art


Design a prison uniform. What will you need to consider? Can you label it to justify your choices of material and design features?




Create a poster to support others to make the correct choices. What is the right thing to do? How could they avoid getting into trouble?



Create a revision booklet for Year 5’s on place value. How do you write numbers into words? What is a place value holder? How do you order numbers?

Geography / History


Can you find somewhere that has unusual crimes? What is considered a crime in Australia? Do different countries have different laws to us? Why?



Write a review on something you have enjoyed. This could be a book, a film or a sport.





Conduct your own science experiment which shows a chemical reaction. Take photos, draw pictures and write up your method and results.

(This could include baking and cooking)