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Year 5

Year 5 Homework Grid - Autumn 1 Term 2021

History Topic - Crime & Punishment

Art & IT

Create a ‘Most Wanted’ Poster for a famous criminal of your choice.

Research what old fashioned ‘Most Wanted’ posters used to look like. Could you tea-stain the paper to make it look old-fashioned?


Compare the different crimes and punishments from an era of your choice, to the crimes and punishments that we see today.

What are the similarities?

What are the differences?

Do you agree or disagree with the punishments?

Present your findings in the style of your choice eg. A video, a poster, a non-chronological report etc.




Could you write a story from the perspective of somebody who has been accused of treason again Henry VIII.

What was the punishment for treason? What/why might the character have been saying/plotting against Henry?



Could you research how to say some of the key vocabulary from our Science topic, (Mixtures and Materials) in French. Create a poster showing all the things you found out. Could you make your poster interactive, with flaps to reveal answers etc?


Create a poster explaining decimals, detailing tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Could you find materials around the home to represent decimals and whole numbers?


Could you think of your own experiment to investigate the difference between how different liquids freeze. What could you measure? What will you keep the same? What will you change? How will you make it a fair test?