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Year 2

                              YEAR 2 HOMEWORK GRID - SPRING 1 TERM 2021

Family Challenge

Geography & History


Haydon Abbey is working hard to be greener and a big focus is on plastic!

Can you be creative with your plastic bottles? Can you repurpose them?


How about a hanging planter for the garden, a bird feeder to help them through the winter or artwork from the bottle tops.

We want you get as creative as possible and send photos to the office email, headed Year 2 Homework.


We look forward to seeing your ideas!


This term we will be exploring ‘British Legends and Monsters’.


It would be wonderful if you and your child could discover some of the legends and monsters from around the world.


Greek myths and legends are a brilliant starting place.






In English, we are looking at the story ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. Watch the story being read here:


The book has some wonderful illustrations showing where the dragon in the story lives. In the story the dragon destroys a nearby town and kidnaps a princess.


We would love for your child to use their imagination and create their own George and the Dragon scenario where the dragon leaves its lair and gets up to mischief! Why not create a news report about the dragon’s adventures?


It would be wonderful if you could film your child delivering their news report. What might the local residents say? Are the authorities pulling together to help? It’s down to you to report on the unfolding events!





The New Year is a time for us all to make resolutions. Whether we keep them or not, it is nice to have the intention to try and better ourselves for the following year. Is there anything that your child would like to do more of or maybe you think they need to do more of? Perhaps it could be a family resolution that you make together e.g. read a bedtime story every evening.


Please discuss any ideas you have together and perhaps you could even stick it to the fridge to remind them (and you!) of your agreement.


Here are some maths word problems, that are similar to those found in the KS1 SATs, for you to work through together:


A game costs £25. Ben has £19 in his pocket. How much more money does Ben need to buy the game?


There are 55 cakes. 22 girls and 19 boys take a cake each. How many cakes are left?


The strawberry weighs 25g. The strawberry and the tomato together weigh 71g. How much does the tomato weigh by itself?

Our new science topic is ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. In this topic we will be learning all about different habitats and the animals that live there. We will be focussing on habitats on our doorstep, such as our wonderful wildlife garden. It would be wonderful if you could visit some local habitats and see if you can spot some wildlife there. What about Wendover Woods or College Lake Nature Reserve?


We’d love to see photos!


You could also research a habitat by finding out which animals live there and why. What 4 things do they need to survive? Why couldn’t they live in another habitat?



Please send pictures of any completed homework via your child's Seesaw account