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Our Aims


It is our aim to work in partnership with parents to provide a secure, stimulating and happy environment in which the individual needs of all children will be valued.


How can I help my child prepare for starting Pre-School?


This is an exciting and special time for you and your child.  You may find the following points useful:


  • Show your child where the school and Pre-School are.  Walk past the buildings and talk about the children playing in the playground. 
  • Try to give your child opportunities to meet and play with other children. Encourage your child to become more independent by allowing time for them to practice putting on coats, shoes, etc.
  • Share books and talk together.
  • Share as many experiences of everyday life together as possible, eg shopping, cooking, riding on the bus, etc.


Other Useful Information


Pre-School Class Session times are:


  8:45 am   -   11:45 pm       Morning Session

12:30 pm   -     3:30 pm       Afternoon Session 


These sessions are carefully monitored and registers of attendance and punctuality are kept.  We have a waiting list so want to ensure that our Pre-School is used to benefit as many children as possible.


Please telephone the Pre-School or send a message with an adult if your child is ill and won’t be attending.  If your child suffers from sickness or diarrhoea they need to stay away from school for 24 hours after the last episode.


Please ensure that you tell us straight away if your contact details, e.g. change of mobile phone number, change of address change.


Please note that entry into Haydon Abbey Combined School and Nursery is NOT automatic.  You will need to apply for a place at the school separately.


Pre-School Team


If you have any queries or concerns, or if you need advice at any time, please do come and see us.  We see ourselves as working in partnership with you to give your child the best possible start to their education. 


In the first instance you should contact your child’s Key Worker. If you require any further information then please make an appointment to see the Nursery Teacher, Pre-School Leader as appropriate.


What will my child do in the Pre-School Class?


The children will learn through structured play, investigation and exploration.  They will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities, covering the prime areas of personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and Language.  They will also be encouraged within the specific areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Cookery is included in our curriculum and all children’s special dietary requirements are observed.


Every few weeks we have a different topic, and information about this is displayed on the Parents’ Noticeboard in the Pre-School and a home links will be sent home with idea’s of how to support your child at home.


The activities in Pre-School are fun, but some can be very messy!  The children access the outdoors on a daily basis – please ensure your child has an appropriate coat. We have a Pre-School uniform which must be worn every day.  Details are below. 


If your child is in nappies or pull ups, please supply all nappies / pull ups and wipes. However if your child is potty trained but likely to have a ‘toilet accident’, please bring in a spare set of uniform and underwear for them to be changed into.


We will have a rolling snack at each session and your child will also be provided with milk or water to drink and fruit during both sessions.



Click here to view the Early Years Curriculum



Pre-School Uniform

In order for children to feel part of our school community it is expected that they wear uniform. Please make sure all clothing is named.



Dark grey/charcoal skirt, pinafore dress or dark grey jogging bottom trousers

Pale blue polo shirt/shirt

Haydon Abbey sweatshirt

White socks

(Summer – blue & white dress – optional)

Black shoes

Sun hat (optional)

Waterproof coat with a hood



Dark grey/charcoal long trousers or dark grey jogging bottom trousers

Pale blue polo shirt/shirt

Haydon Abbey sweatshirt

Grey socks

Black shoes

Sun hat (optional)

Coat with a hood


All school uniform can be purchased from:
PL School Wear
Unit 56, Edison Road
Rabans Lane Industrial Est
HP19 8TE
01296 488000