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Attendance & Absence

Attendance and Absence


At Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School we are committed to promoting excellent levels of attendance and punctuality, enabling our pupils to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. We aim to encourage and assist all children to achieve excellent levels of attendance and punctuality and reduce persistent absence in order that all pupils are assisted in reaching their potential.


We have several initiatives in place in school to reward attendance individually and by class.   When a child is absent or persistently late this will affect the academic progress they make.


Parents and carers can support the school with attendance by:


•             not taking holidays during term time

•             noticing how much time your child has been away from school

•             showing your child that punctuality matters by getting them to school on time and collecting them on time

•             supporting the early morning call system

•             keeping your contact details up to date

•             keeping the school informed about anything that may affect your child’s attendance



If your child is unable to attend school, please notify the school office by 9:00 am on the first morning of absence.  You need to contact the school on every subsequent day of absence either by email or by phone 01296 482 278. Messages can be left on the school answerphone (option 1), with the child’s name, class and reason for absence



Wherever possible please book medical/dental appointments outside of school hours.  Where this is unavoidable please provide the school office with a copy of the appointment details before the day of the appointment. Children must be collected from the main reception and signed out.



We do not advocate term time holidays and we expect all holidays, visits to see family etc. to take place during the school closure periods. All school holiday dates are published to parents one year in advance. If you do need to go away in an emergency, a Notification of Absence Form must be submitted to the Headteacher before you go. If you are going abroad you will need to bring evidence of your return journey.  If holidays are taken during term time this may result in a penalty notice being issued by the Local Authority and parents may be fined.

We are happy to confirm that from 01 March 2022 we are returning to our Pre Covid policy of 24 hours return to school following a child's last bout of sickness & diarrhoea.