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Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School

We plant the seeds and help them grow


Science is really important at Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School.

We are currently working towards gaining a PSQM science award.


At Haydon Abbey, we know Science is going well when:-


Teachers have good subject knowledge

 Children are curious and ask questions

Learning is child led with opportunities for children to lead their own experiments

Lessons are practical

Lessons are well resourced

Children are engaged and motivated

Lessons are well planned

Assessment informs (questions, next steps)

Children’s learning is recorded in a variety of ways





“You learn brand new stuff.”


“You get to do experiments that are cool!”


“My favourite thing about science is when you start and it gets going and you get really into it.”


“I like science because you get to do experiments on things and then predict and you don’t know what is going to happen.”


Science Newsletter 8.10.21


This week has been a busy week for Science at Haydon Abbey. The Head Boy and Head Girl led the Science Ambassadors and Reading Ambassadors in the first meeting of our judging panel for the Royal Society Young Peoples Book Prize. The children took a look at the short-listed book “100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet” published by Usborne books. The children describe it as “(a) very easy read, inspiring and extremely factual…in a fun way! The book is colourful and has beautiful illustrations. It tells you about the climate and how to prevent terrible things happening to the globe. It is a clear, funny and clever book by Usborne”


The whole school got excited about taking care of the outside of our planet, taking part in the European Space Agency’s “Cleaning up space junk” competition. The children had some great ideas on how to remove retired satellites and other debris such as giant magnets, vacuums and huge claws! KS2 entrants have the chance of winning a mascot of the LEOniDAS program, a flying squirrel, that has actually been in zero gravity! Good Luck!