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Year 4

Year 4 Homework

To be completed before Feb 2019 Half Term

Theme - Africa! Africa!

Art /DT


Research an African artist and recreate a piece of their work. Could you also create your own piece inspired by this artist?







Find out about another famous person from African history? Where were they from? What was their early life like? What did they do? How/why are they famous?






Could you write a story from the perspective of a person going on an African safari. What might they see? How might they feel? Could you use a simile?






Create a poster showing all the things you can remember in French. Could you make your poster interactive with flaps to reveal the answers?






Create a top tips guide for learning your timetables. Is there any special tricks to remember certain tables? Could you explain these in a leaflet?






Choose ten animals and see how many different ways you could categories these same 10 animals. Could you display your categories using a Venn or a Carol diagram?



EXTRA CHALLENGE – Be a hero! – complete a random act of kindness