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Year 4

Year 4 Homework

To be completed before Autumn Half Term

Art /DT


Create a collage using only recycled items. Could you create something that you can actually use? Perhaps you could create a collage using food packaging waste. Or maybe build a den in the garden/woods using the materials you find around you…







Investigate the waste collection service in your area. How many different bins does your home have? When are the bins collected? What can/can’t you recycle and throw away?







Could you write a story from the perspective of a plastic bottle? Where were you made? What type of bottle were you? Where were you sold? What happened to you when you were no longer needed? Where did you end up?

How many of the following could you use:

- The power of 3

- Alliteration

- Simile



Teach somebody else in your home how to greet a person in French, how to ask somebody’s name and tell them yours, and finally, how old you are and where you live.






Create a place value game, involving thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Perhaps you have to try to make the biggest number using digit cards? Or perhaps you have to tell a partner the value of each digit and they have to guess your number…




Create an experiment to investigate how different liquids turn to ice. Does water freeze in the same way as washing up liquid or lemonade, for example…





EXTRA CHALLENGE – Be a hero! – complete a random act of kindness