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The Designated Safeguarding Team at Haydon Abbey School & Pre-School


All schools have a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.


If you have any concerns about the safety of a child within our school you should share this information with an appropriate member of staff immediately.


If you are unable to locate them please ask the school office staff and they will be able to help you.  The people you should talk to within Haydon Abbey are:


Judith Ejdowski - Main Office

The Designated Safeguarding Lead & Head Teacher


Harry Hillier - Main Office

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Deputy Head Teacher


Hannah Jones - Seaton Suite

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & SENCO


Michelle Hare - Seaton Suite

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Alice Sullivan - Pre-School

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Sue Powell - Governor

Designated Safeguarding Governor



At Haydon Abbey School we want our children to be happy, safe and secure and we do our best to provide a positive and caring environment in which they can thrive.


To achieve this we –


  • Prevent unsuitable people working with our children through rigorous recruitment
  • Ensure all staff are well trained
  • Have in place the right policies and procedures, taking advice from bodies such as the LA and DFE
  • Promote safe practice and challenge poor / unsafe practice
  • Work in partnership with parents and families
  • Listen to our children and take seriously what they tell us
  • Identify when there are grounds for concern about a child’s welfare and initiate or take appropriate action to keep them safe: both at home and within the school
  • Have high expectations of behaviour and conduct
  • Give our children the opportunities to learn about keeping themselves safe


All our staff are responsible for the well being of all children but some staff have specific roles such as the staff in the Pastoral Team based in the Seaton Suite. The school has a supportive, nurturing ethos and we encourage children to talk if something is worrying them and equally hope parents feel able to talk to us too.


Seaton Suite – 01296 482 278, Option 2


Based in the Seaton Suite are:

Hannah Jones   -   Deputy Safeguarding Lead and SENCO

Michelle Hare    -  Child and Family Support Coordinator and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Penny Webb     -   Child Support Worker



Buckinghamshire County Council


26th September 2017


Haydon Abbey were invited to attend this event with four of our Year 6’s.


The aim of the event was to increase young people’s understanding of the harm of bullying, particularly around race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability and to enable them to implement these anti-bullying initiatives back in their schools.


Throughout the day the children attended various workshops based around identity bullying and were encouraged to talk about their own opinions and beliefs and how their own schools dealt with issues around bullying.


At the end of the day our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors were presented with a badge and signed a pledge, along with all the other children attending, that will be on show within the county council offices.


The information and understanding they have gained from this training will also be shared with our Year 6 Mind Ambassadors to help empower them all to tackle any bullying they may see in school.

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Buckinghamshire Mind


“We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect


For over 100 years Buckinghamshire Mind has been a trusted charity working to support and represent people with mental health problems living across the county by providing high quality services.


Last year Buckinghamshire Mind contacted Haydon Abbey School about a new initiative being introduced into primary schools. Already up and running in secondary schools, Mind Ambassadors are students that help and support their peers within the school environment.


Representatives from Mind came into school and spent the day training 13 of our Year 6’s. Discussing the types of mental health issues our children may be struggling with they provided them with strategies and ideas to help support other children in school – specifically during playtime.


Our ‘Mind Ambassadors’ work in pairs and are on duty every break time on both the playground and in our ‘drop-in room’. They meet weekly to discuss, as a group, any particular problems they may be finding difficult to handle.


Buckinghamshire Mind will be returning every 6-8 weeks to provide their support and any extra training that they feel or our students feel may be required.


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