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Year 6

Introducing the Year 6 Team:


6EB – Mrs Bradley (Class Teacher) & Mrs Hart (Class LSA) Miss Elwin (1:1 LSA)

6SW – Miss Whittaker (Class Teacher) & Miss Thompkins (Class LSA)


This Term, in Year 6, our theme is, ‘Ancient Civilisations.’ Over the course of the term the children will learn about the different ancient civilisations, before focussing in more detail on the Mayan civilisation. This topic is mainly history based, with some geographical skills also being focussed on such as locating the location of the ancient civilisations using maps. The children will learn when the civilisations existed in history and for how long, before researching their achievements. Then, when learning about the Mayans, the children will develop an understanding of different aspects of their society such as religion, daily life and hierarchy before understanding what caused their demise.


In Art, we will focus on a different ancient civilisation each week in order to create a piece of artwork related to that civilisation.


To begin with, in our writing, we will be focussing on non-fiction texts and learning how to write to ‘discuss’ by writing a balanced argument. The children will then move onto write to ‘persuade’ by writing an advertisement. After this, they will be writing to ‘entertain’ by writing a narrative.


In Maths, the children will continue to look at number, place value and the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As well as this, they will be covering the topics: ‘Shape, space and measure,’ where they will be looking at position and direction in all four quadrants. They will also be translating and reflecting shapes. Lots of time will be spent solving problems involving fractions decimals and percentages and how they link. Throughout each maths topic the children will be developing their reasoning skills through problem solving and investigations.





The children are expected to read for at least ten minutes every day. It is really important that the children read for pleasure as this will support their reading comprehension and writing skills as well as improve their well-being.



The children will be given a spelling rule to learn each week. They must learn the rule as well as the spelling they have been given and can deepen their understanding of the words by writing them into sentences too.



  • Multiplications

The children are expected to learn and practise their multiplications up to 12 x 12. By learning these they are improving their mental maths skills, which will have a positive impact on other areas of maths.

Each child has their own Times Tables Rockstars account which they should be using daily to practise their multiplications.

  • SATs Practice

As a school, we have purchased some CGP books for the children so that they can practise their maths skills at home with you. Please ensure that the children complete their weekly homework as this will support them with their SATs test in May.


Topic Homework

The children will also be given a homework grid with a choice of challenges to choose from, mainly relating to their Tudor Times theme. A minimum of 3 pieces is expected each half term.


Please make sure your child has their home school diary in school every day.


PE and Forest School

On a Tuesday, Year 6 will have P.E. inside.

On a Thursday, Year 6 will have P.E. outside.


The children need to have their PE kit in school every day during term time and it will be sent home with the children at the end of each half term. The children need to have a named Haydon Abbey P.E. T-shirt and black shorts. As the weather becomes colder the children need to bring in warmer clothes for PE outside. They need to have a pair of trainers in school and they can bring in black or navy tracksuit bottoms and a black or navy jumper. Please remember to give your child an extra pair of socks if they are wearing tights that day.


Year 6 will be doing forest school during the summer term.


If there is anything else you would like to discuss with your child’s class teacher they will be happy to make an appointment with you. Please contact the school office to book an appointment with your child’s teacher.


Incidentally, to help you to keep informed throughout the year, this and further newsletters will be uploaded to the school website.


The staff in Year 6 would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a Happy New Year.


Mrs Bradley and Miss Whittaker