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Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School

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Year 5



Research and design a police outfit.

What materials would be used?

What equipment will they need?

Draw and label or even make a miniature version of it!







Research an aspect of ‘Crime and Punishment’ and create something to demonstrate what you have learnt.









Learn a multiplication table that you find tricky.

Create a method of remembering it and then design a poster to teach other people how to

remember it.





(Geography and History)


Find some similarities and differences between the punishments of the past and current forms of punishment record your findings.






Create a book review of a book that you have read recently.

You could do this by writing a review, filming a review or even ‘tweeting’ a review.







Research the use of photography in crime and punishment.

Draw it, label it and write a paragraph about it.






f you have any questions about the homework, please ask your class teacher.