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Year 5

Year 5 Spring Term Homework to be completed by 15 February 2019




Create a landscape image of space – try to create an atmosphere within your picture.





Research an aspect of ‘Ancient China’ and create something of your choice to demonstrate what you have learnt.






Create a poster to support others learning about fractions.

E.g. a step by step guide on how to simplify fractions.




(Geography & History)


Find some similarities and differences between China and another country of your choice. You can record what you have found in any way that you like e.g. a painting of the landscape, a holiday review or a simple table of similarities and differences.






Create a book review of a book that you have read recently.

You could do this by writing a review, filming a review or even ‘tweeting’ a review.









Create a model of the solar system to show the positions and sizes of the planets.