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Year 2

Year 2 Homework Summer Term 2019

Please choose one piece each week to complete

Family Challenge

Theme (History)


In theme, we will be looking at canals and why they were built. The Grand Union Canal runs from London to Birmingham and travels through Aylesbury on its 238 mile route. Can you take a trip down to a canal lock in Buckinghamshire or Hertfordshire and watch how it works? It would be lovely to see photos!

Our topic is ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh!’ Can you research a famous ship from history? Why was it famous? Where was it sailing? Was its Captain famous also?


You can present your findings in a fact file or poster.


We look forward to seeing and hearing your research!

In English this half term we are looking at a book called The Water Princess. It is about a little girl in Africa who has to walk a long distance to fetch water for her family each day.


Can you write a list of instructions telling your family how they could save water in and around your home? What small changes can you make?




If you were the Prime Minister of Great Britain, what new laws would you create? Can you give a reason why you would bring them in?

Here are some maths word problems, that are similar to those found in the KS1 SATs, for you to work through together:


1) Alyssa has 9 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It is meant to have 16 pieces. How many pieces are missing?

2) Rayan has 12 toy cars. He takes ¾ of them to his brother’s room to play. How many did he take?

3) What is the missing number in this sequence? 67  57  _____  37  27  17

4) Zara has five bunches of bananas. Each bunch has five bananas on it. How many does she have it total? How many would she have if she bought another seven?

5) A shop sells tubes of tennis balls in sets of 3. They sell 18 balls in total. How many tubes did they sell?


If you would like to look at any past SATs papers to familiarise yourself with the layout of them, then you can access them here:





Are you right or left brained? We all know if we are right handed or left handed but do you have other more dominant body parts? Dominant means stronger.

Run some experiments at home to see if your left or right version of these body parts are dominant:

  • Your feet
  • Your ears
  • Your eyes


You could try this on your family members:

1. Tell your participant to write their name. Which hand did they use? 
2. Place a coin on the floor directly in front of your participant and ask them to step on the coin. Which foot did they use to step forward? 
3. Ask your participant to pretend to answer the phone. Which ear did they use to “listen?” 
4. Tell the participant to look through the paper towel tube at a distant object. Which eye did they use to look through the tube? 
5. If you have time, continue testing! What other objects or experiences would help you determine sidedness? 




We would love to hear about any new fruit and veg that you have tried! What did you think of it? Did everyone in the family enjoy it? Will you eat it again? The more exotic, the better!


Visit for some veg power ideas and recipes