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Year 2

Homework Until Feb Half Term 2018

Our new topic for this half term is British Legends and Monsters.  Please see the grid below, for ideas of how to support your child's learning at home link into our topic or subject.  If you would like to complete the homework then please choose one activitity a week over the next half term.

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Your family challenge is to create a model with your child of your child’s favourite legend. You can choose between…

The Loch Ness monster

King Arthur’s sword or a knight

The Welsh Dragon

The Giant’s Causeway

You can choose how you make your model or you could draw or paint a picture.


Create an Aylesbury Fact file.

Can you help your child to research some facts about Aylesbury? Are there any legends linked to Aylesbury? Can you find Aylesbury on a map? Where in the UK is Aylesbury located? What geographical features does Aylesbury have?


Your facts can be presented however you choose – some ideas could be drawings of Aylesbury, a fact file, a mini presentation, you could even record yourselves!

Create your own story.

Can you create your own story involving a British legend. Maybe you could create a story about the Loch Ness monster, a dragon, some knights or even a giant.


You don’t have to write your story – you could create a picture book or a comic script or tell your story using puppets to your class.




We are learning about ‘Dreams and Goals’ in PSHE. Could you write a list of all your dreams and goals? What would you like to achieve this year? Next year? Or in the future? Maybe you could share some of your successes so far. What achievement are you most proud of so far.

Invent a number bond rap/song

Can you think of a song or rap to help remember your number bonds to 10 or 20?


You could start by thinking of something you like – maybe Pokemon and then rhyming the number bonds with their names.

1 + 9 Arcanine

6 + 4 Blubasaur etc.


We shall be looking at being healthy. Can you design a healthy lunch box using all of the food groups.


You could draw a picture of the foods that you would put into your lunch box, cut out pictures from magazines or if you are very creative you could try making a model of a lunch box.