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Year 2

Homework Until May Half Term 2018

Our new topic for this half term is Around the world in 80 bricks.  Please see the grid below, for ideas of how to support your child's learning at home link into our topic or subject.  The due date for each piece of homework is for a guide, as they can be completed in any order before half term. 

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Your family challenge is to create a 3D model of a world famous land mark of your choice. You can choose any materials you like. Which continent and country is your land mark from? Do you know any interesting facts about it?









Due by 9th May

What can you find out about the different continents around the world?

Can you help your child to research some facts about the different continents around the world?

What information can you find out? What is the weather like? What is the population? What kinds of animals live on that continent? Can you find out any geographical features or famous landmarks from each of the continents?

Your facts can be presented however you choose – a fact file, drawings of what you find, a mini presentation….Get researching!


Due by 27th April 2018

In our theme we’ll be travelling around the world following Phileas Fogg’s route and learning about the different countries and continents he visited along the way.

Could you write an adventure story or a travel report about a place you’ve visited or been on holiday to?

How did you get there?

What did you see?

Did you discover anything exciting?




Due by 23rd May


Maths -

Science -

The school value we are focusing on this half term is cooperation and in PSHE we are learning about healthy relationships.

What is cooperation? How do we cooperate effectively with other people?

Could you create a rhyme or a rap about how to be cooperative?

Maybe you could write a poem?

You could even write a recipe for cooperation.


Due by 16th May

In maths we work on our times tables every day when we’re at school. At home you could improve your knowledge too and make learning your times tables more fun by coming up with some times tables songs or chants to help you remember them easier.

Could you use Lego to show times tables? Take some photos of what you come up with.


Due by 2nd May

This half term we will be learning about plants and living things. At home you could research some of your favourite animals and find out about their habitats. Where in the world do they come from? Do they like hot or cold climates?

You could find out about plants and draw a picture labelling its different properties.



Due by 27th April

An example of using lego for times table

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Your family challenge is to create a portrait with your child of your child’s favourite hero or villain. You can choose between…

Florence Nightingale


Dick Turpin

Any medal winning Olympian or Paralympian

Any service animal

You can choose to paint, draw or sketch your portrait.



Create a Fact file.

Can you help your child to research some facts about the heroes or villains we are learning about in class. What information can you find out? Where were they born? Where did they live? What are they famous for? Do you think they are a hero or a villain?

Your facts can be presented however you choose – some ideas could be drawings of your chosen hero/villain, a fact file, a mini presentation, you could even record yourselves!

Create your own letter.

Could you write a letter to your favourite hero or villain? Maybe you could ask them how they became a hero/villain. If you are writing to a villain could you use persuasive language to encourage them to change their ways?

You don’t have to write your letter – you could film yourself or create a poster for them.







We are learning about ‘Healthy Me’ in PSHE. Could you design a poster encouraging others to be healthy? What would you need to include on you poster? What 4 things would help you be healthy?

If you don’t want to create a poster maybe you could create a rhyme or song about being healthy.


This half term in maths we will be looking at space, shape and measure. Can you create some 3D shapes at home – what do you notice about the shapes? How many faces do the shapes have? How many vertices (corners) do they have? If the children make these at home – please send them in for them to present to their friends.


We shall be learning about ‘Animals and Humans’. Over the next half term we will be carrying out some investigations. At home you could write some instructions about how to care for a pet (if you don’t have a pet you could create instructions for an imaginary pet).