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Year 1

Homework Until May Half Term 2018


Our new topic for this half term is "Around the world in 80 bricks".  Please see the grid below, for ideas of how to support your child's learning at home link into our topic or subject.  If you would like to complete the homework then please choose one activitity a week over the next half term.

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Your family challenge is to create a 3D model of a world famous landmark of your choice. You can choose any materials you like. Which continent and country is your landmark from? Do you know any interesting facts about it?











What can you find out about the different continents or countries around the world?

Can you help your child to research some facts about the different continents or countries? Is there a place that is special to your family or that you have visited together? What information can you find out? What is the weather like? What kinds of animals live there? Can you find out any geographical features or famous landmark that may be there?

Your facts can be presented however you choose – a fact file, drawings of what you find, a mini presentation….Get researching!



In our lessons we will be travelling around the world. We will be looking at the story of ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, as well as exploring fairy tales and folk tales native to different countries.


Could you write an adventure story or a postcard from a place you’ve visited or been on holiday to?

How did you get there?

What did you see?

Did you discover anything exciting?







The school value we are focusing on this half term is cooperation.

What is cooperation? How do we cooperate effectively with other people? Why is cooperation important?


Here is a video all about a time when Barnaby Bear had to cooperate:


Is there a time that your child had to cooperate when playing at break time?


In maths we are going to be re-visiting number. We will be applying our number knowledge to money.


Can you discuss the British coins with your children and count different amounts together?


Your children could help you to count out money to pay for items in shops, to help them to put it into real life context.



This half term we will be learning about plants. Could you and your child have a go at growing something together? You don’t need a big garden to get growing! Herbs on the window sill are a great idea!


How many foods can you spot around your kitchen that started their lives as plants? Could you write a list of everything that you find? I bet some will surprise your children!