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Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School

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Year 1

Year 1 Autumn Home Work to be completed by 19 December 2018

Unless other date mentioned on the grid

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Can you make a dragon related picture or can you make a dragon?

You could draw a picture, make a collage or even build a dragon using cardboard! We are looking forward to seeing these!


Due: Monday 3rd December 2018




We are looking at castles in our Theme lessons. Can you find a castle in the UK? Can you create a fact file about this?










In our English lessons we will be looking at a story called ‘The Egg’. In this story the child finds a dragon’s egg and has to teach the dragon how to be a dragon!

Can you write a review about this book? Did you like it? Why? Why not?


Due: Monday 3rd December 2018






The school value we are focusing on this Half Term is Respect. Can you make a poster about what respect means to you. Bring these in to share with the class!







In Maths this Half Term we have been looking at doubling, halving and number bonds. We will also going to be looking at measuring.

Can you work together to use some scales to bake some cakes? Can you cut the cake/cakes in half?




This Half Term we will be learning about Seasons and Autumn.


Can you go on an Autumn walk and bring in an item that you have found or some pictures of animals that you have seen during this season?