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Year 1

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Your family challenge is to create a

3D model of a castle. You can use cardboard, paper, plastic cups or any other materials. You can be as creative as you like.

Please bring your models in to show us.



Due by: 29th October






What can you find out about the Queen? Where does she live?


This can be presented however you choose – a fact file, on a large piece of paper or you can make something that might tell us something about the queen! (Like a crown or a necklace).


Due by: 19th October





In our English lessons we will be looking at fairy tales/traditional tales for the first four weeks. We are going to be focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk.

Can you draw some pictures of Jack and the beanstalk in the right order? You could write down what is happening in each picture.

Please bring your stories into to show you class.

Due by: 5th October 2018







The school value we are focusing on this Half Term is Resilience.

Here is a game you could play (you will need a bucket, some balls or beanbags and some chalk):

Draw a circle using chalk on the floor and place a bucket in front of the circle; can you get all of the balls/beanbags in the bucket? Play the game again until you can get them all in! Can you do it when the bucket is further away?


For maths this Half Term we are going to be focusing on number.

Can you practise writing your numbers using pencils, pens, chalk or anything else? When you go outside, can you spot any numbers anywhere?

We will also be adding and subtracting this Half Term, using objects in your home (for example toys or pencils) can you practise adding them together?



This Half Term we will be learning about materials.

When you are walking around, can you spot any materials things are made from? (Wood, plastic, brick etc.)

Can you draw a picture of a castle? What materials might use? Why?


Due by: 19th October