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Year 1

Year 1 Summer Term Home Work to be completed

as per dates listed

Art/DT Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


Our new Theme topic is called ‘Under the Sea’. Can you create a ‘Sea in a box’? For example can you use a cereal box/shoe box to create an underwater scene?





Due by: 20.05.19

Can you speak to somebody in your family or a family friend about the seaside and how this has changed since they were younger? Can you write a report about what they say? Or create a news video to show us how it has changed?


Due by: 08.07.19

Over the next four weeks we will be looking at ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. Can you write a book review for this story? What did you enjoy? What would you change? Would you recommend it to a friend?



Due by: 20.05.19




French – Can you find out any marine animal names or things you might find by the sea e.g. bucket and spade, fish, shark, dolphin? Can you share these words with us in class?



Due by: 08.07.19

In Maths we will be looking at number. Can you practise number bonds, addition, and subtraction?





We are looking at ‘Plants’ for our next Science topic. Can you grow a flower in two different locations in your house and keep a record of what you observe? Which one has grown better? Why do you think this is?  



Due by: 08.07.19