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The governing body is a group of people who have a shared interest in supporting Haydon Abbey School and ensuring that its pupils and staff flourish and are successful. Our governors come from various walks of life, including parents and staff as well as others from the local community.


The governing body is comprised off: elected parent governors, staff governors, co-opted governors (who live or work in our local community and are invited to join the governing body based on their skills. They can be a parent of a pupil attending the school) and a local education appointed governor. We also have associate governors who do not vote but attend meetings and contribute specifically on issues relates to their area of expertise.


Please see link below for our current Governing Body.




Our main purpose is to help raise the educational standards and performance of Haydon Abbey School and Pre School by challenging and supporting the work of the head teacher and school staff. We ensure that the school runs effectively, that quality teaching and learning is happening across the school, that the budget is spent wisely and that Haydon Abbey provides good value for money.


The governing body’s role is a strategic one, as opposed to the day to day management of the school which is the responsibility of the head teacher, Mrs Ejdowski. We govern rather than manage, giving direction and focus.


The governors of the school are collectively responsible for:


  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • Determining aims and objectives for the school
  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of the school in achieving those aims and objectives
  • Ensuring high levels of attendance and good standards of behaviour
  • Ensuring all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, suitable to age, aptitude and ability


So we are responsible, in consultation with Mrs Ejdowski, for the curriculum pupils receive, the standards of teaching, pupil’s progress, pupil’s health and well-being, and the appointment of staff. We are also responsible for managing the school’s budget to achieve all of the above; with sufficient resources for teaching and learning, in buildings which are suitable and well maintained.




The full governing body meet twice in the autumn term, and once in each of the spring and summer terms. At the meetings we look at all the new topics which the Government and County Council/Local Authority put forward for consideration. Items for discussion include topics such as: policies and practice, staff employment law, safeguarding pupils, health and safety, budgets.

In addition to these full Governing Body meetings our committees also meet at least once a term. At these committees items are discussed in depth and make recommendations to the full governing body.




1. Finance, ICT, Premises and Health and Safety,

2. Admissions, Curriculum, Assessment and Pupil Progress,

3. Personnel, Pay and Pupil Matters

4. Management Committee.


Each governor is allocated to at least one committee, and from within each committee a chairperson is appointed. The governing board employs a knowledgeable and experienced clerk through the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust who supports the effective operation of the governing board and its committees.


Minutes of the meetings are a matter of public record and copies of which can be inspected at the school office.




As well as attending meetings, most governors visit the school regularly through “link” visits, where they focus on the subject for which they are a link between the school and governing body. The link areas change as they are driven by the schools strategic plan and priorities. Governors see the curriculum being taught, learn how policies are being implemented and speak to a range of staff and pupils.


If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a school governor please contact them by emailing - governors


Rebecca Jackson

Chair of Governors