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We plant the seeds and help them grow

Year 3

Year 3 Homework Grid

To be completed by October Half Term

Family Challenge


(History & Geography)


This year, we are going to have a big focus on how we can make Haydon Abbey greener. Our planet is precious and we all need to work together to take care of it!

Can you and your child look into what you can do at home to be greener? Perhaps you could challenge yourselves to cut back on single use plastic or make an effort to recycle more. You could make a poster telling people how to be greener at home, or simply update us with what you are doing!

We look forward to hearing all about your efforts!





This half term, we will be learning all about chocolate! We will be learning about how it is made, where it comes from and we will learn about the lives of farmers and how fair trade affects them.


Can you research what daily life is like for farmers who grow cocoa beans and create a fact file on them?


You could also look in your cupboards at home and see if you have any fair trade foods. We would love to collect some packaging of fair trade foods to display in the classroom.




In English, we are looking at the story ‘Love Monster and the last chocolate’ by Rachel Bright.


In this story, the Love Monster returns from vacation to find a box of chocolates on his doorstep. He imagines what lovely, delicious chocolates might be inside.


If you could invent a box of chocolates, that could look and taste like anything you wanted, what shape and flavour would the chocolates be? What would happen when you ate the chocolate? Anything can happen!


You can present your invention in any way you would like!




In our classes, we will be putting together a ‘Class Charter’. We will discuss what we have the right to do and feel at school and what we can do to ensure this.


What does this statement mean to your child? “We all have a right to education and to finish primary school.”


What would not having an education mean for them?








This half term we will be starting the year by revisiting ‘Number’. We will be starting our ‘Multiplication Marathon’ each week, so will have a big focus on times tables. Please join in with these fabulous songs and dances to help your child with their tables:


Prodigy is a great game to practice maths skills:







This term, we will be re-visiting the topic of ‘Plants’.


Can you investigate which plants grow in different habitats? Choose a climate or habitat: in the desert, in the jungle, in the ocean, in a pond, on a beach, in a cold climate etc. Which plants grow there? How are they different from plants that grow in Aylesbury? Is there anything special about them?


Present this information anyway you would like!


Also, get your green fingers going by planting a seed at home and let us know what you are growing!