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Year 3

Year 3 Spring Term Homework Grid

To be completed before 05 April 2019

Family Challenge

Theme (History and Geography)


This term we are going to be rehearsing and performing Mary Poppins.


As a family you could learn and sing one of the songs together. Perhaps you could make up some actions to the song or record your child performing it for the class to see.


Extra challenge-Learn to say

‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’ backwards, it is in the song!






This half term, we will continue with our Incredible Invaders theme. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, with our trip to Ufton Court supporting this topic.


You could write the Viking alphabet.


You could investigate words created by the Vikings that we still use today.


You could investigate why Buckinghamshire was important to the Anglo Saxons.


You could make an Anglo-Saxon long ship or helmet.

In English, we are looking at advertising for the first 2 weeks. Followed by a theme related narrative for the rest of half term.


The children need to be able to persuade an audience as part of the advertising weeks.


You could-design a product and persuade someone to buy it. Think about who it is for and why they need to buy it!


You could create your own story about a Viscous Viking.


You could read/watch ‘How to train your dragon’ and write a review.




This half term we are going to discuss our Dreams and Goals.


Think about amazing people in history and in the present who have reached their goals, how did they achieve them?


Who inspires you to work towards your dreams and goals? How could they help you even more?


Draw a picture of yourself achieving your goal to keep you motivated.




This half term we will be looking at measurement, properties of shape and statistics as well as fractions.


You could make shape top trumps with the shape properties.


You could make up a tally chart or pictogram and ask your family questions-try creating a car chart with the data.


Please also continue to practise your times tables. Times Tables Rockstars and Prodigy can help you with this.



This term, our Science topic is ‘Animals Including Humans’, including Science week on March 11th-15th. We will be exploring how animals and humans use muscles and their skeleton to move as well as finding out what we need to survive.


You could learn some Bear Grylls style survival skills.


You could make your own interactive skeleton and label it.


You could research which muscles are the most important and why.