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Year 3

Year 3 Grid Homework

To be completed by End of Summer Term

Art /DT


Create a royal wedding cake using natural materials you might find outside (mud, flowers etc) or using recyclable materials (cereal boxes, toilet rolls etc)










Research a famous British monarch.


Why were they important? What did they do?


Write all about your findings or tell someone all about them!







Continue the Story:


“Dear Harry and Meghan,

Please let me attend the Royal wedding….”

How many of the following could you use:

- The power of 3

- Alliteration

- A simile




Make a poster, informing people about all the French fruits and vegetables you can remember.








Teach a member of your family, how to do column subtraction and column addition. Could you also write a success criteria about how to do both?







Create an experiment to investigate how shadows of fixed objects, move throughout the day.


What causes this to happen?




EXTRA CHALLENGE – Be a hero!complete a random act of kindness

Continuous Homework - 10 mins reading each day, spellings and maths marathon