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Haydon Abbey’s Winter Walk to School Days


Dear Parents/Carers


We are announcing a 10 day winter walk to school to help the environment. We want to help save the polar ice-caps. This is really important as narwhals, snow foxes and polar bears will not survive if we melt the Arctic; they will be lost. Humans are very careless when it comes to energy consumption as we create fumes that are harmful not only to ourselves, but others too!


Our walk to school days will help raise awareness of global warming and be great for the environment. From the first of December, for ten days, we would like students to walk to school and the class with the most children who walk to school will win a prize. This is a surprise!


Thank you for your support.


Yours faithfully


JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers)

Junior Road Safety Officers


As part of the Buckinghamshire Country Council strategy, Haydon Abbey had a number of children take part in workshops at the Aylesbury Multi Culture Centre where they learned more about the roles of JRSO's.

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