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Year 2 Homelinks

Our Topic this term is…

Building Britain

  Week beginning: 12th October 2020

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...


This week in English the children are going to be focussing on the grammar and punctuation tools that are needed to write a letter. When is a capital letter needed and why? Can you spot capital letters when reading with your child and question them about why they are being used? Here is a video about capital letters being used for proper nouns:


This week in History the children will be learning all about Victorian Britain and what life was like for poor children in the Victorian era and the struggles they faced. Check out this short clip that will give you an insight to the working conditions the children faced.


We are coming to the end of our first half term. At this time in maths we are beginning to consolidate all of the methods we have learnt so far in Year 2. Ask your child about what they have learnt and encourage them to show you how they work out the answers to addition and subtraction, multiplication questions.


At the end of last week the children took part in an experiment to test which material was the best at insulating a cup of tea! We also talked about other materials that would make good insulators. Could you design a piece clothing suitable to keep you warm as it gets colder?


This week the children will be sent home with a login to ‘Epic! Books for Kids.’ As we are still unable at this time to send books home with the children we have been trying to find online opportunities for them to read. The above website offers a range of texts for all reading abilities. There are options for books to be read aloud as well as for the children to read themselves.

As per in previous weeks, please continue to login to Phonics Play online and keep practicing your phonics!

Dates for your diary

School finishes for half term Thursday 22nd October

Virtual parents’ meetings Friday 23rd October

School restarts Monday 2nd November