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Homelinks Year 2

                                             Our Topic this term is…

British Legends and Monsters

  Week beginning: 13th January 2020

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...


As we have said before, Haydon Abbey is committed to becoming a ‘Reading School’ and we are working hard to instil a love of reading into the children. Reading with and to your child at home is invaluable, so we thank all of you for your support. Michael Rosen, author of Bear Hunt, has some lovely tips for how to engage your children with bedtime stories As do Oxford Reading Owl: This website also has free e-books for you to download and read with your child.

History & Geography

This week in History & Geography we are going to be learn about different physical features in the UK. This week we are looking at forests and coastlines. Are you able to


SATs Question of the Week

Rosie and James have 16 sweets between them. They share them equally between them both. How many do they get each?


In Science we are continuing to look at animals and their habitats. So far we have learnt about how some animals are well suited to their habitats. What animals are suited to living in a garden in England? Do you have any animals living in your garden? Could you build a safe habitat for one of them?

PE Kits

Last week we found numerous children did not have their kits. The children are starting to have PE lessons outdoors again and this will remain unless the temperature drops considerably. Please ensure that you have packed an adequately warm kit for your child. Layers are fine for your child to wear, so if you have a long sleeved top that you would like them to wear under their PE t-shirt and hoodie/sweater, then please do send this in also. Please ensure that your child has sensible PE trainers that are practical for them to run in. Many children still struggle with their shoe laces. Perhaps this could be a project to work on together at home!

Dates for your diary

W/C 20th January – Clubs begin

Monday 10th February – Parents Evening

Wednesday 12th February – Parents Evening

Friday 14th February – Break up for half term