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Our story of the week will be:

You Choose

WC 23/11/2020

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...


In Literacy for the next week we will be reading the story ‘You Choose”. This is great story for promoting story writing. The children will be learning about characters, settings, problems and solutions. We will be encouraging them to use their imaginations and become authors by writing their own stories. You could further their learning by doing the same at home. The children love acting out their stories and this is a great way for them to learn about story structures and how to retell a story.


At this stage children are working on decoding words that are made up of a consonant, vowel, consonant (known as a cvc word). The sounds that we have already learnt are satpindmgockeurhbfl.  The children will be working on reading words made up from this list such as hat, bag, dog, bed. They have also learnt non-decodable words (rainbow words): no, go, the, to, I, is, and, he, they, and you.


This week we will be learning about number bonds. The children will learn what numbers can be used to make 10. You can practice this at home using any items, and adding them together to make 10. You also now have access to Ten Town which is a fantastic maths resource with lots of ideas and games for you to try at home. The children have now learned about addition and subtraction and would really benefit from practising this at home too.

Expressive Arts and Design


Understanding the World

Try becoming an illustrator and drawing your own pictures to match a story that you love. You can recreate your favourite stories by drawing them yourselves and then retelling them to your friends and family.


We planted broad beans just before half term and we have loved seeing your pictures. You can send them through on Tapestry for us to see how well the children have been looking after their plants. Understanding how things grow and change over time is really important. How have your beans changed so far? What do you think they’ll look like when they have finished growing?






Thank you for your co-operation with lunches. Many of their lunch boxes are looking really healthy now. Due to a number of children having nut allergies, we ask that Nutella is not used as a sandwich filling, thank you. 


If you are not yet on Tapestry, please talk to your child’s teacher about how to access it. It is a fantastic way of you receiving up to date observations of your child at school. You will feel more in touch with their learning and will be able to share things that they are doing at home too.


We want to thank all the parents for continuing to wear masks on school premises, this is to keep everyone safe and we are very grateful for your cooperation. Could we also kindly remind you that talking to continue to socially distance at all times. Thank you.


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