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Summer Term Review

Year 3 D+T Project: The Great British Bread Off


In our Design and Technology lessons this term, we have been looking at bread, it's history and designing our own innovative products. Last week, we made salt dough to practice our designs with. We worked in partners, had great fun and made lots of mess!

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Year 3 (3HF) Maths: Subtraction Investigation


In today’s Maths lesson, we were given the task of applying our knowledge of subtraction to investigate and answer a question: how tall would I be if I had no head? We were told we could use anything in the room to help us, and the only rule was: we had to use subtraction. We were put into partners and together, we set about figuring out how to answer this question. Lots of us used measuring tapes and measured how tall we were, then subtracted the length of our head using column subtraction. We shared our ideas, and were then given the task of investigating other questions, such as: how long would our foot be if we didn’t have toes!?