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Spring Term Review

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – Pre-School, Nursery and Reception

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of the Spring term. In Early Years, we have had an extremely busy and exciting term. We started the term with our topic ‘Occupations’. To begin with, we had a visit from the lollipop man who helps us cross the road safely every morning and afternoon outside the main school. The children enjoyed listening to him and showing us his important equipment that is needed to help him, and us, cross the road safely following the Green Cross Code. The children then learnt about the occupation of a chef and cooked and baked some delicious foods. We then focused on learning about the occupation of an artist and we looked at the famous artist Kandinsky. In Early Years, the children had a go at painting their own versions of Kandinsky’s concentric circles. The children’s artwork is now proudly displayed in the messy room of the Early Years department. The children then learnt about the occupation of a builder which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They are able to experience, first hand, builders using real life machinery to demolish the building next to the Pre-School building. Before the half term break, we then looked at the occupation of a postal worker. Reception children wrote their own individual letters and went on a local walk to the post box to post their letters, which parents received over the half term break with their child.  

After the half term break, we learnt all about Chinese New Year and the children took part in creating a large scale dragon and taking part in a dragon dance. Our topic then changed to ‘Traditional Tales’ for the rest of the term. We have been looking at lots of different traditional tales across the phase. The Reception children embarked on their trip to Wendover Woods and even though it was a little snowy and cold, the children enjoyed completing the Highway Rat trail with their own personal activity bags. Last week, the children also enjoyed taking part in their phase assembly and showing their parents a small amount of what they have been learning about. Thank you to all of our parents who came to watch your child in their assembly, it was so lovely to see many of you there.  

Family Challenge – over the term we have had a few Family Challenges, most recently in Reception the children and families made a healthy eating plate. As usual, we had an amazing response and the children all loved telling us, and their friends, all about their creations. We are looking forward to more family challenges next term.  

Forest School – over the last few weeks, the Reception children have been very excited about our newly developed Forest School area. The children have enjoyed climbing the fallen tree, swinging themselves on the rope swings, making potions in the mud sinks, digging for treasure in the digging areas and role playing. Finally, last week we had a fire and toasted marshmallows and had hot chocolate! 

We have had a fantastic term with all the children in Early Years and we are looking forward to the Summer term with them. 

Ms R Anwar - Early Years Phase Leader