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Spring Term Review

Lower KS2 (Years 3 and 4) 

This term Years 3 and 4 have had a really exciting term learning all about the chocolate making process in their ‘Bean to Bar’ topic. The children have looked at the journey of different food items and ingredients, where things grow and why they grow there. They have focussed on the journey of the cocoa bean but have also looked at different climates around the world, countries of origin for different food items and the distributions of goods throughout the world.  The children launched their topic with an invention day where they were able to taste existing chocolate products, evaluate them and then design and make their own innovative chocolate bar. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were hooked into the topic.  


Throughout the term, the children have produced many different types of writing including some persuasive letters, information reports and some fantastic stories based on our class book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  
To complement the children’s learning within the classroom, the children were able to go on a school trip to Cadbury World. They all loved every minute of it! They were able to see the journey of ‘Bean to Bar’, learn all about John Cadbury and the origin of Cadbury World and were also able to become a cocoa bean and take part in the ‘Bean to Bar’ process. The enthusiasm from the children on the trip was brought back into the classroom and the knowledge they gained was shown through the high quality work they produced following the trip.   

This term, in Year 3, the children used paper mache to create globes and modelled clay into cacao beans in their pods. Year 4 have been experimenting with chocolate wrapper designs and packaging for the chocolate bar they invented at the start of the term and have also been developing their sketching and shading skills as well as using pastels to create texture and tone.  

Year 3 have been taking part in Forest School this term and have been developing their outdoor skills. The children have also been given the chance to independently explore the new forest school environment, climb trees and play in the mud. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Forest School and will finish their sessions with a fire session this week. 
After the Easter holidays the children’s new topic will be ‘The Royal Family’ which ties in perfectly with the upcoming Royal Wedding. The children will be looking at the current Royal Family, the history of the Royal Family and the traditions and lifestyles of the Royals. The children have chosen this topic and are excited to find out more. 

Miss S Whittaker – Phase Leader Years 3 and 4