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Sponsored Walk For Layla 3 June 2018

18 members of staff from Haydon Abbey made the long journey from school to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford (25 miles), through endless fields, long roads, encountering all kinds of wildlife along the way. Enduring the pains of aching bodies, blistered feet, but they all succeeded this challenge with honour.  Setting out at 6 am on Sunday morning and walking for just under 10 hours.  A massive thanks again to all who walked for Layla and for those who have generously provided funds. The teachers are currently collecting their sponsorship in.  We would also like to thank Mix 96 for their coverage and reminders of how you can donate.

The Walk - We All Made It

WOW, what an amazing morning where the children/staff/family/family friends & governors ran nearly 4000 laps collectively to raise money for Layla.  A total of £1,336.05 was raised.


A massive THANK YOU & WELL DONE to everyone who has contributed both physically & financially


An extra THANK YOU from Layla and her family

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Layla has Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma which has spread to her lung, lymph nodes and also her renal wall.


Her cancer DOES NOT respond to chemo or radiotherapy AT ALL - SO THIS IS NOT AN OPTION for Layla.


The main treatment, when it is confined to one area, is surgery, which Layla has had twice (to remove her cancerous kidney, lymph nodes and a lung section) but once it has spread beyond the primary site it is very hard to cure and can usually only be managed to stop spreading further.


The drug the NHS want to try is call targeted therapy.  It targets the specific cancer gene and blocks the blood flow to stop it growing and spreading further.  It doesn't eradicate it and will not cure her but will stop it from spreading elsewhere.


As the treatment is not regulated for children, the funding application is taking much longer than usual.  A panel meeting was held on 11th May and we are awaiting the decision.  Layla is about to go into her second cycle of treatment, so money raised will help fund this for her and if the panel meeting comes back favourably (which we are hoping it will) donations will continue to help Layla with the cost of her now complex health needs.


Please support us with our walk from Haydon Abbey to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and raise funds for Layla.  


On Friday 25 May the school will be holding "RACE FOR LAYLA" where  The children will be asked to see how many times they can lap a track set out on the field in 30 minutes. All the children’s distances will then be added together to see how far Haydon Abbey School has managed to run. The staff will be taking part too and joining in with their year groups. This year, as it is a special event, we would also like to invite as many parents, carers and family members as possible to take part in Race for Layla. We will start the event for the children at 9:15 am. If you and your family would like to take part please drop your child off to school as usual and make your way to the school field where the children will come out and join the event. We are asking for a donation of at least £1 per participant to take part in the event. All the children who take part in the event will receive a medal. We hope that you will help us to try and raise as much money as possible to support Layla and her family. 


You can make donations for both of these events via the school or

click on the link below

 Thank you in advance for your generousity

Emma McCullough is Layla's Mum