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Pre-School & Nursery

Welcome to Nursery and Pre-School


Welcome to all our new parents and children. We hope you are ready for an exciting adventure in Nursery and Pre-School.

The Nursery and Pre-School is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Unit and is in Haydon Abbey Pre-school on Holman Street.


Introducing the Nursery and Pre-School Team

Mrs Damerell - Class Teacher and Rocket Key Worker

Mrs Rolfe - Senior Learning Support Assistant and Butterfly Key Worker

Mrs Locke Learning Support Assistant and Rainbow Key Worker

Mrs Capper- Learning Support Assistant and Stars Key Worker

Mrs Kinch- Learning Support Assistant and Ladybird Key Worker


The aim of the Nursery and Pre-School is to provide and support enriching learning experiences through play activities, planned for each individual child, based on the seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum. We will start the year concentrating on the Prime Areas - Physical Development, Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We will move on to the Specific Areas - Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design when your child is individually ready. We will also be preparing your child for the routines of the Reception class which will be their next stage of learning.


Each day at Nursery and Pre-School is full of fun learning through play, either outdoor or indoor. During the day we have a whole class session led by the class teacher and small group activities led by each key worker. We are always encouraging the children to choose an activity where, with adult support, the children are developing their learning. We call this ‘Busy Bee Time’.


During the year we have various topics which change frequently due to the children’s interests. We will start our year with helping your child get to know our routine. We also shall be talking about ourselves and favourite things to explore.

As part of Haydon Abbey School we are sharing the same values and expectations to help our children be ready for the adventure at Reception class.


Learning Journeys

Each child has their own section of display to celebrate their achievements within Nursery and Pre-School. On this display there is also a folder for each child. This is where we keep the work, photos and activities the children have been doing in school. You are welcome to look in their folders when you bring the children to school in the morning. We would also like you to add things to their folders. Perhaps a drawing they have done at home or a photograph of them doing something at the weekend. The contents of their folders are then added to each child’s individual Learning Journey.


PE for Nursery Children

The Nursery children will be doing PE every Friday; they need to come dressed in their normal school uniform and trainers.



At Haydon Abbey we operate a password system for the safety of our pupils. If someone other than the usual person is coming to collect your child you must give them your child’s password. It is also extremely important that you inform the school if anyone else is due to collect your child. If an unfamiliar adult comes to collect your child we will request the password and if the adult cannot provide the password we will not allow them to take your child from school.


WOW Cards

In Nursery and Pre-School we encourage the parents to share their children’s achievements from home with school. We do this by sending home Wow Cards for you to fill out of your child’s ‘wow’ moments. This could be anything from making something special to playing with their siblings. These cards are then shared with the other children.


Sunflower Value

As part of the whole school we focus on one school value a term; we encourage the children to show this value through their everyday play. When the children are seen showing the value they receive a certificate to go on our Nursery and Pre-School Sunflower display and they have a certificate to take home. When your child brings home their certificate please encourage them to tell you why they have received it.


Home School Links

We believe that communication is the key to your child’s success and to great parent/teacher relationships. We would encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. We will also do our part by sending a weekly letter home - which will be found under "For Pupils" Homework. This letter will include information on what we shall be doing in each area of learning, as well as things that are coming up.

We look forward to working with you throughout the year.


Mrs Damerell and the Nursery and Pre-School Team


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