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2LM Trip to Collingshanger Farm

2VC Trip to Collingshanger Farm

KS1 Trip to Legoland Thursday 19 April

Monday 20 November 2017


Parents /Carers of children in 2LM


Dear Parents/Carers


You will have been aware that Mrs Mayer has not been teaching your children since half-term. Unfortunately Mrs Mayer is quite unwell and at the present time is not expected to be back in school before the end of term.


In order that we can provide your children with some continuity over the next few weeks, rather than use a teacher from a supply agency, Mrs Harbottle and Mrs Jones will be teaching the children. Both of these teachers are very experienced and have both had experience of teaching in Year 2. As KS1 Phase Leader, Miss Capron will ensure that all of the children are following the same Year 2 curriculum.


As always at Haydon Abbey School the children come first in every decision that we make in order that that they can make good progress in their learning whilst also having a thoroughly good school experience. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past few weeks but I believe that the decisions that have now been made will provide the best outcomes for your children.


If you have any concerns about this please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours faithfully


Judith Ejdowski


Judith Ejdowski


Haydon Abbey School and Pre-School