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Homelinks Year 2

                                                 This week is:


  Week beginning: 25th March 2019

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...

Mary Poppins

As we said in the newsletter, thank you so much for your support with our production. Speaking and Listening is part of the English curriculum and without our hall, the children have not been able to take part in a school production since they were in Reception, making this performance invaluable to them. With our wonderful new hall, we are fortunate enough that we will be able to put on a production each year! We’d better get our thinking caps on…!

College Lake

The children will be attending their trip to College Lake in Tring on Thursday and Friday this week. Just a reminder that it is 2HW and half of 2KT attending on Thursday and 2GM and the second half of 2KT attending on Friday. The children are allowed to wear mufti clothes but will just need to wear their Haydon Abbey school jumper to make them identifiable. The weather looks set to be warm and dry so comfy trainers will most likely be suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has a coat, that you don’t mind getting dirty, packed as well. On top of this, they will also need a packed lunch and a bottle of water to drink. Please try and avoid sending cartons of juices in addition to water. Straws and plastic packaging are detrimental to the environment and the drinks in cartons do little to quench the thirst of the children. If water bottles are sent then we will be able to re-fill them at College Lake if necessary.


This week in Book Talk we are bringing back our focus to fiction books. An important skill in Year 2 when discussing fiction books is making a connection between other books that they have read. Are the characters the same? Perhaps the ending is similar? Maybe the setting is the same? When reading with your child, can you please see if you can draw on any comparisons between other texts they have read and ask them why they think so.

We thought that you may be interested to see what the Department for Education deem as ‘Working At the Expected Standard’ when it comes to reading. Year 2 is a big year for the fluency of your child’s reading to improve. Here are some videos of children reading and answering comprehension questions within this standard Likewise, here are some videos of children reading who are ‘Working Above the Expected Standard’. It may give you some ideas on how you can question your children whilst reading.


Question of the Week

There are 30 children in a Year 2 class. The teacher did a survey of the children’s favourite lessons. 12 children said they liked English best and 10 children said they liked maths the best. How many children liked Science the best?


As you know, Haydon Abbey is trying to be a ‘greener’ school. What do you think about this Newsround article on glitter? Should we be thinking about banning it in school? Perhaps you could make a poster for our ‘Guardians of the Green’ board at school expressing your views.


Year 2’s library days are as follows:

2KT – Monday

2GM – Tuesday

2HW – Wednesday

We will be visiting the library every other week on our allocated days and during this period in the alternating weeks; we will be reading for pleasure in the classroom. If it is easier for you to keep track of, once your child has read and enjoyed their book, they can keep it in their classroom drawer.

PE Kits

The children will continue to have outdoor PE lessons, unless the temperature drops considerably, so please ensure that you have packed an adequately warm kit for your child. Layers are fine for your child to wear, so if you have a long sleeved top that you would like them to wear under their PE t-shirt and hoodie/sweater, then please do send this in also. Please ensure that your child has sensible PE trainers that are practical for them to run in. Many children still struggle with their shoe laces. Perhaps this could be a project to work on together at home!

Dates for your diary

Thursday 28th March – 2HW and half of 2KT trip to College Lake, Tring

Friday 29th March – 2GM and half of 2KT trip to College Lake, Tring

Friday 5th April – Break up for Easter

Wednesday 24th April – Return to school