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Homelinks Year 1

Our Topic this term is…

Let Me Entertain You

Week beginning: 9th July

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...


This week in English we are looking at John Burningham's book 'Oi! Get Off Our Train!  It is all about endangered animals and what we can do to protect them.  Can you research any endangered animals at home?  Do we have any in the UK? 

Can you keep an eye on the World Cup and Wimbledon with your child at home? Newsround is a great child friendly source of news:


Our Theme topic is ‘Let Me Entertain You’. This week we have our Circus Skills Day. Have you ever visited the circus together? What acts did you see there? Have circuses changed since you were a child? Can you discuss entertainment changes since you were little?  Keep an eye out for photos on the website.


Please can you continue to practise number bonds to 10 and 20 with your child at home? The children need to be secure in these by the time they leave Year 1, however some children are still struggling. Any additional support would be greatly appreciated!

Number bonds to 10 game:

Number bonds to 20 game


The Daily Mile: Across the school the children are taking part in the Daily Mile. This is a national initiative whereby children are increasing their daily activity by running/briskly walking a mile each day. This has been calculated as four times around the field and playgrounds. The children are absolutely loving this challenge and are tackling the run with big smiles on their faces. To find out more information, please visit:

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Please ensure that you are sending your child to school each day with a water bottle. Unfortunately, Year 1 is based quite far away from the school’s water fountain, so to avoid children walking around the school and missing lesson time, we would appreciate it if the children had bottles in their classes.

Please ensure that you are putting sun tan lotion on your children every morning and providing them with a sun hat for play times. Can we please also ask that children do not wear vests under their t-shirts during these hot periods? Our classrooms can get very warm and the children can quickly over heat when wearing layers of clothing. Thank you!

Move, groove, learn!

We are loving these Super Mover videos in class! They are a fun way to move and groove whilst learning! They cover both KS1 Maths and English skills. We are especially enjoying learning are 2, 5 and 10 times table by watching them. Give them a go!

Key Stage 1 Phase Assembly 

This will be held on Thursday 12th July at 2:40pm in the marquee on the field.  We look forward to seeing you there. 


Dates for your diary

Circus Skills Day Wednesday 11th July

Reports go home Thursday 12th July

End of Term – 1.15pm Friday 20th August