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Homelinks Year 1

Our Topic this week is…

Intrepid Explorers!

 Week beginning: 19.03.19

Here are some areas we shall be looking at in class this week that you could try at home...


This week in English we are going to be looking at using ‘because’ and ‘so’ in sentences. We will be looking at what the different characters say in the story and words ending in ‘ing’.

Can you discuss the reasons that each of the animals give to get on the train in the story?


Over the next two weeks in Maths the children are going to be looking at telling the time (to o’clock and half past) and the children will also be looking at recognising and knowing the value of different coins and notes.

Can you look at a clock together, what time is it showing? How do you know?

Can you look some coins together? What is their value?


This week in Science the children will be looking at eyes, labelling the different parts of an eye and discussing what we can do to help us to look after our eyes.


This week in Theme the children will be looking at the explorer Robert Scott and creating a news report about his expedition.

Dates for your diary

Friday 5 April – Easter Bonnet Parade – Break up for half term