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District Sports June 2017

District Althletics took place on Monday 26 June 2017.  It was a fantastic event, attended by 18 Haydon Abbey children from Years 3-6 who were supported by their friends and family.  As a result of an amazing performance by all of our children, the school came 2nd out of 8 schools.


A massive well done to all who took part 

Next year we hope to be able to beat our score

of 120 points

We Came 2nd overall - Well done Haydon Abbey Team




Nevaeh Crawford-Reid 2nd         Richard Cahill 2nd
Rutendo Dirorimue 7th      Levi Nicholson 1st
Chenea Chiambaguwa 8th      Ellis Knight 3rd
Aby Peter 4th      Callum Hall 3rd

Distance Run

Reanne McKean 4th      Levi Nicholson 1st
Sabina Meyer-Bejdl 8th      Callum Hall 3rd


Layla Richards 2nd      Mason Blackman 1st
Casey Boyd 7th      Jack Culbert 2nd

Long Jump

Ashleigh Humphrey 4th      Richard Cahill 3rd
Casey Boyd 7th      Josh Clark-Anderson 3rd


Year 3/4 Girls 7th      Nevaeh, Layl, Sofia-Grace, Rutendo  
Year 3/4 Boys 3rd      Richard, Mason, Levi, Alfie  
Year 5/6 Girls 8th      Chenea, Casey, Aby, Sabina  
Year 5/6 Boys 3rd      Josh, Ellis, Callum, Jack