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Autumn Term Review

Autumn Term - KS1 (Years 1 and 2)


Over the autumn term KS1 have completed the topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ where the children explored the history of space travel, learnt about famous astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Tim Peake. The children also took part in our Wow Day where they completed their astronaut training. The children really enjoyed learning about the space race and lots of interesting space facts.


In the second half of the autumn term we learnt about the gunpowder plot during our new topic ‘Gunpowder, Treason and Plot’. The children proved to be great detectives by uncovering a plot by Mr Jones to try and take over the school! During our Wow day the children investigated different incidences that had happened at school; they also solved clues and codes and looked at a variety of evidence to find out what had been happening (Thank you Mr Jones for being such a good sport!). Throughout our topic the children have learnt about the plot, King James and they have found out about the people involved in the plot (the plotters).


Despite the snow and ice, KS1 were excited to go on our first trip of the year to see Snow White! We had a fantastic time. We really enjoyed joining in with the pantomime, especially when we got squirted with water. Thank you for dropping off and picking up your children at such short notice at the Theatre.


The children have been busy practising songs for the Christmas concert. They enjoyed singing to the parents. Thank you for your support. Year 2 are also looking forward to performing some Christmas songs to the residents at Avondale on Monday 18th December.


Miss V Capron

Assistant Headteacher and KS1 Phase Leader