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Autumn Term 2017

PE Lessons

This term in the PE curriculum Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 have been studying multi-skills. This incorporates and develops all of the key skills they require to fully participate in any sport e.g. agility, balance and co-ordination. In addition, Year 2 have played football and Year 3 football and handball.


Year 4 are a term into their swimming unit. In their other lesson they have played basketball and football.


Year 5 and Year 6 have studied a number of games such as hockey, basketball, handball and football.


As we do not have a hall can I please remind parents that it is really important that our children are wrapped up warm for P.E. lessons. They can wear black or blue sweatshirts and joggers. We also encourage them to wear layers underneath to keep themselves warm.


Inter-House Competitions

We have completed 4 inter-house competitions this term. Year 3 and 4 have played Football and Handball whilst Year 5 and 6 have played Basketball and Football. In the New Year Years 1 and 2 will begin their competitions.


The results so far are:


Y3/4 Football        –   1st Yellow    2nd Blue                 3rd Green      4th Red

Y3/4 Handball      –   1st Red        2nd Yellow/Green                        4th Blue

Y5/6 Basketball    –   1st Red       2nd Yellow              3rd Blue         4th Green

Y5/6 Football        –   1st Red       2nd Yellow              3rd Blue         4th Green


Points are:               Red and Yellow 150       Green 90        Blue 60



This year’s Cross-Country was held at Turnfurlong Primary School on a cold and wet Saturday morning. Our runners showed amazing resilience in the wet weather to continue running and complete their races, Well done to all our runners:


Year 6 Girls -   Monai 28th    Katie 29th

Year 5 Girls -   Zoya 25th     Paige 26th

Year 4 Girls -   Lexi 31st,    Sofia-Grace 47th,    Libby 48th,    Sofie 49th

Year 4 Boys -  Mason 4th    Mark 50th       Abdul 51st

Year 3 Boys -  Conor 36th   Ishaan 37th    Haashim 68th



The football teams have made a great start to the football season.


The Year 5/6 Girl’s team were runners up in the Mandeville tournament against a number of other schools. Their league will begin in February.


The Year 5/6 Boy’s team have played two fixtures They beat St Louis 5.0 and drew 1.1 against Swanbourne in their league games. A number of the squad played in the Mandeville Football tournament, our teams finished 4th and 6th out of 8 teams.


The Year 6 team have equally had a great start to their season drawing against William Harding 2.2 in their league match.



Our Sports Leaders this term have helped run after school clubs, the Year 3 and 4 inter-house competitions and the Year 5 and 6 P.E. lessons.


At the start of the year the P.E. Ambassadors conducted a survey amongst their classes to look at after-school clubs on offer. They used their results to create the Spring term club offer to provide as many suitable opportunities for their year group as possible. They have also discussed and decided the sports we will be studying after the holidays. Their next plan is to look at the activities in lessons and make changes for their classes.


Our J.R.S.Os (Junior Road Safety Officers), as part of the Buckinghamshire County Council strategy, went to a workshop to learn more about their role and how to be safe when walking to and from school. They have also been running a 10 day Winter Walk to school competition with the aim of increasing the number of children walking to school to reduce our carbon emissions. We are hoping to play our part in saving the polar ice-caps as a habitat for the animals that live in the Artic.


Mrs S Westcott

PE Teacher